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c4 c5 single level ACDF scheduled for thursday



  • Lol, i almost choked on my milk reading your subject line. I do agree with you on the body trying to fix itself by growing bone spurs. Im glad that the numbness and tingling has gone away. From what my NS says I will experience some of the same symptoms but gradually go away in time because we are fixing the problem now rather than later. Thank you for your input and please continue to give us updates on your recovery as I will do on my.
  • I had ACDF on levels c4-5 and c5-6 with bone spurs also. The dr actually used the bone spurs to fill in the bone needed in my two herniated disks. Nothing was ever mentioned about them going away on their own! I had a successful surgery, its bbeen 5 months and back to work so I am having pain again constant headaches and now they say I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia. So it is better to do it now than wait too long. May pain may get better or may not but like others maybe I prevented paralysis. I go for two nerve blocks on this Monday.

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  • Tired of the painTTired of the pain Posts: 195
    edited 03/12/2014 - 2:35 PM
    Yes they left c4/5 in already herniated. Surgeon said it would have to be fused on day nut not yet.
  • From what I get, you really shouldnt be worried about the surrounding levels. If they are solid, no herniations, spurs, etc...then they are going to fix the area that there is a porblem with. If there is some weakness the it will be from the area that they are fixing.
  • 8 hour post OP update. Feeling great no numbness in my arms or tingling. NS found also found a fracture right under my c4 vertebra he fixd it. No problems swallowing and eating. My wife went to get me some pho right now. Just a little sore at the incission. Unbelievablyno problems with hoarse voice. Hope you all doing well.

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  • You are still under influence of anesthesia. I am glad you are feeling well and hope it continues to get better
  • 12 hoirs and 50min since surgery feeling great. The anesthesia is wearing out and im starting to feel the hard to swallow effect and the after affects of tue breathing tube down my esophagus. The incision is starting to get irritated. Currently on percocet and flexeril and possibly norco if the percocet doesnt work anymore. Nurse said changing up the medication will hel with the pain.
  • Almost 24 hours since my surgery and I feel great. I walked around the surgical center for about a 5 min. without any problem. Talking and eating fine. I ate some soup crackers toast and hot tea. I wish i can post photos here but i cant seem to figure that oout. If someone knows how to post photos please let me know how to and i will post some.
  • Been home for 48 hours now and still feel great pain level is down to 1 now. The medication they gave me has been working without any problems. I am eating pretty much anything i want without having problems swallowing. Will update again on my 72 hour mark. Hope all is well.
  • Been 72 hours since my surgery and i feel great. The numbing and tingling are completely gone. The only thing im feeling is the incision and slight muscle stiffness around my neck. Im eating food that I enjoy without any problems. Vocals are normal with the occassional horaseness but goes away after a few minutes. Walking about 10 minutes without issues and sleeping great at night. My alarm goes off every 4 hours so i can take percocet and every 8 hours for flexeril.
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