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c4 c5 single level ACDF scheduled for thursday



  • Hi there welcome to the forum. Is your doctor a NS? I asked my NS about injury in the c3 c4 and how it might affect the stability of the spine and performing ACDF to stabilize the spine. His response, like any NS cannot comment on any diagnosis until seeing the patient. Stability issues usually means there was a violent impact that caused your head to either twist or bob up or down enough to throw off alignment. The muscles in the neck are very strong so it would have been a very significant blow.
    I would suggest you get multiple opinions before going through with surgery. In my case it was the last resort.
  • Wow I cannot believe it has been one month since my surgery. I feel even better than last week. I weaned my self off of the muscle relaxers and am taking two- three doses of percocet. I am walking more but getting tired more often also. I still get flu like and weakness symptoms after doing alot during the day. I still have not gone back to work yet but only by choice. My NS adviced me not to drive yet until i am fully weaned from the percocet because if I get pulled over and they do a percription check on me rhey will find out that I have been prescribed percocet and will as me how long its been since i took it and might do a sobriety test. Not a cbance I want to take. Pain level is still below 2 but if it goes above that i can easily control it wil either a quick nap or percocet. Doctors follow up will be in a two weeks hopefully my recovery is gojng smoothly.

    Take care everyone.
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  • What's up everyone. Sorry been MIA for the past few weeks i've been bz with life and work but I promised myself no matter whT I will give updates. Here yah go, 11 weeks since ACDF surgery and I feel great aside from the light shooting pain down my right arm, neck stiffness and rotational turn pain I feel better than before the surgery. I am on as needed pain meds and still wear the soft collar when I sleep for precautionary measures. I still have not done anykind of exercised but walking and I dont over exert myself for anything. If you have questions holla at me.

  • Hello everyone, i just want to give you guys an update. Aug 13th will be my 5th month since my surgery. So far so good, i have been on light duty at work. I still wear my soft collar to remind myself that i am still recovering. Still not swinging the golf club yet and not lifting more than 25 pounds. I have been doing PT 2 to 3 times per week depending on my work load and schedule. Without a doubt I would make the same decision to go through the surgery again if I had to make another dicision. I hope all is well. Til next update. Take care everyone.

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