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pain after surgery

Hello, everyone,I am grateful for a safe place to go. Thank you! I had 3 level decompression surgery with fusion in Sept 2013. It was a 3 year wait for me. I had pain and weakness in my right leg and arm. My neck and shoulders were covered in bone spurs.I could barely move my neck. I had no choice but to quit working, the pain was unrelenting. c3456and7 were bad, so the neuro did 4,5 and 6. Recovery was rough, but after 3 months I was feeling better. Around Christmas, I started having pain between my shoulder blades that wouldn't go away,then it started going down my arms.My thyroid was tested and my graves disease had gotten worse. When I went to see my neuro he said not to come back until it was under control.So here I am in pain, crying and feeling like I was going crazy, and he didn't want to help. He sent me back to my Dr. to deal with the problems. My Dr changed networks so in order to keep him, I lost my nuero. Now I have an appointment with a new Neuro, April 24.With this new law, my Dr. is weaning me off my pain meds, and referring me to a pain clinic. I won't get in until the end of April. I have multiple ulcers in my stomach, so I can't take nsaids. I am only getting 5mg vicodin 2 times a day. I have 2 grandchildren to care for. I don't know how much more I can take. Thank you for letting me vent. The question is should I have expected more pain? I thought after this surgery my life would be better. Why don't they tell you it won't? Is there something wrong with my surgery? Or is this problem a life sentence? Some days I wish I had never done it. But they make you feel you have no choice.I can't sleep, my arms and back hurt worse than before the surgery.
Brenda stratton


  • Hi,
    Glad you feel safe here. I was very happy to find a supportive community what I'm going through. I had scoliosis spinal fusion in2000, and around a year and a half ago I began having issues with back pain. We went the route of narcotics physical therapy and any other options, but eventually I reached the point we're having a pain pump installed to provide constant relief would be best. After having the pain pump installed and had a rare side effect of spinal fluid leakage. The reason I am telling you is because I regret having both surgeries. I was 14 when I have the scoliosis surgery so there that was really not my decision, but the decision to have the pain pump installed was. I often have the same thoughts you have why it wasn't it successful the way it was supposed to be, and I just remember my doctor telling me before the pain pump surgery it would take my pain away. Well it hasn't taken my pain away, and I believe the pump is pushing on nerves increasing pain and numbness in my leg. Sometimes we forget the doctors are just people and people are wrong sometimes. I went into the surgery that just like every surgery there could be possible side effects. I just didn't believe that they could happen to me. My pain management doctor has been the field over 25 years and this is the first time he has personally worked with someone with the side effect. I wish I had a better answer for you, but I hope for all of us that this is not a life sentence.
    2000- spinal fusion, complete spine due to scoliosis
    2012- pain began, started treatment for chronic pain
    2013- install of pain pump, procedures to address complications
    2014-blood patch, spinal fluid leak
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