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So I have osteo in my neck, DD, stenosis etc etc 6 mos I was at a chiropractor having what I thought was a bit of a massage and stretch he used the activator on me and stretched me hard I had burning pain which took awhile to subside for the most part NOW I hear all kinds of noises in my neck and get a lot of cracking I rolled over in bed this am and heard 8 cracks my neck is gritty too I am beside myself in worry over this as had had pain before down my arm -which up to this point I think was muscular now I am afraid something has been stirred up I can't move without hearing little crickling or cracks sometimes pulling just a host of noises back of head/skull/neck this is not the first time I chiropractor did something to my neck I swore I never would let one touch me again the pain was not even bad in my neck yet he grabbed this hit me 3x without even examining me or asking about the condition of my neck
I keep reading it is normal to hear noises with arthritis in the neck but I had none prior to this or neck cracking It scares me I am not happy with myself for letting this happen I am just kind of looking for any reassurance is there a way to lessen this noise? I am scared that now things are rubbing differently and will eventually lead to pain that I won't be able to deal with
I was seeing him for my low back which goes into spasm that is why I talked to him about my neck he did not say he was going to adjust me I let my guard down and should not have I don't know how to get myself out of this situation


  • EnglishGirlEEnglishGirl Posts: 1,801
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    Do you currently see any spine specialists? I have a variety of problems with my spine all stemming from osteoarthritis. I know I've said this before many times..every specialist I have ever seen has told me to never allow a chiropractor to touch my back. There are many horror stories on this site. In my personal experience it's not worth the risk. I'm so sorry this has happened & I hope it's nothing serious.
    If you're not currently under the care of a specialist & you haven't had an MRI recently I'd go that route. Did you see a specialist for your back spasms? See your doc for a referral if you need to. See what they say. Even if nothing's changed it could be worth having a little proffesional physical therapy to strengthen things up. You know you've already got some damage, there's no harm in getting some advise & taking all the steps you can.

    Yes! I creek & crack all the time. I don't know that anything really reduces it now but that's just me! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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    Hi Becky,

    I had many of the same issues you were dealing with. Was referred to neurologist, which of course added more anxiety to my already spinning head. My story gets rather lengthy but bottom line is I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and have had two surgeries. Relief .... yes for a period of time. However, DDD is a disease and does not go away. As each disc degenerates you will have more pain, intense at times, continue to hear the loud crackling in your neck. My health issues include osteoarthritis throughout my body so I deal with chronic pain. I'm in no way implying you have DDD but may be an area you may want to research and speak with your doctor(s). I wish you much luck in finding answers and hopefully relief. My issues started shortly after turning 50 and too young to have a body of a much older person but make the most if it. The more research you can get prior to meeting and getting additional opinions the more educated you will be going forward. This is your body ...

    ~ NancyJo ~

  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033
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    Hi Beth,
    In my opinion you have similar symptoms I have/was having. You just need to have your primary care physician refer you to either a rheumatologist, or someone else that will start with imaging such as an MRI, CT scans, X-rays, etc… before any further damage is done.
    I won't go into detail here but I waited too long before I was properly diagnosed. I have had many spinal surgeries due to mostly genetic issues I believe but have lived and still do live an active lifestyle.
    Be your own advocate and get the answers you need, and don't stop till you fully understand what is going on.
    Take care and keep us all posted on your progress.
  • the above posters mentioned DDD I have this in my neck I have bone spurs I have facet joint disease...I have it all in my spine also my low back has 3 buldging discs and slipped vetebrae at L3-L4. I have foramin stenosis and central canal some is moderate-- some mild in neck discs.
    I did not go to the chiropractor to have my neck adjusted. He told me he was going to massage. He overstretched me and hit me with the Activator without telling me this was an adjustment. I was stupid to trust him . I had gone intially for low back as was in spasm every month with my spondolylisthesis. I should have run as chiropractic hurt me in '90's. with nerve pain for almost a yr. I should have just used the anti-inflammatory I was given but you know how it is with taking drugs so kept looking for a back program to help me. Been better off just exercising and doing back exercises.
    I have been to numerous drs who say don't worry about the noises in my neck but it really gets me down as fear this is making everything worse. I crick, crack, crunch, snap and crack. This is not just felt in one place but sides of my neck and at the discs. The hard cracks scare me the most. I can get several a day. In bed, rolling always produces a crack so afraid that is facet joints snapping.
    I just don't understand why all this started. I fear pain. My brother and sister don't have arthritis the way I have. I have neuropathy as well so the fear of dealing with pain as I age overtakes me every day. I have had 2 drs say I need counseling to deal with my neck noises that should not bother me. They don't feel and hear what I hear allday long!
    What is crazy is now my left shoulder (only one I can sleep on) is cracking. A gritty triple crack. I do have cracking other places now did not have before. Sometimes I wonder if some of this might be due to my tea consumption. I just want to know why some have this all over their bodies and how does one cope?? I have knee arthritis, neck, back, ulnar nerve entrapment (elbow)s, carpal tunnel, bone spurs on heels,, on and on... I have done PT for neck, back, knees many times over. I am wearing night splints now as since this happened my hands are falling asleep moreso. I also when I wake up jerk head side to side or up or down or just a body part will jerk. It does occur sometimes during the day. This started with the neck pain after the chiropractor. There was a lot of inflammation from this.
    Since most have degeneration with break down of the joints on this website, are there any dealing with all the noises and jolts of cracking that come with this? Drs don't do anything for me I have been to many... who like most hear with degeneration basically deal with it. It kills me as how can one thing make it all worse? How can my ligaments cope with being snapped all day long? It is so disheartening and depressing.....
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  • Hi Becky.

    I just massage my neck and pressed on something which didn’t feel rigth. Rigth after my neck start to click and grind everytime i move my neck. It sounds Like bone grinding. I am so worry because before that i had no noises. Did you find out where all these noises came from? 

    Thanks :)

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