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left c6-c7 got my first cortisone injection... but does it get better?

jkim1978jjkim1978 Posts: 2
edited 04/08/2014 - 7:09 PM in Neck Pain: Cervical
first time on the forum after the cortisone injection.... didn't know where to turn to so i found this forum. i've been battling with neck for a while now... i did get an mri and the mri showed a slight neck bulge which was treated with physical therapy back in 2006.... but this pain would often stay for 1 week and go then would return after some time and go away after 1 week. but this year it got worse and the neck pain was harder and lasted close to 2 weeks and even after the 2 weeks it would just linger on but i could still function with minimal pain. so i got another mri and it showed that the neck disc buldging got worse... then 2 month later i started to feel a sharp knife jabbing pain on my left arm with a numb/tingling sensation on my left arm when i would stand and if i wasn't sitting slightly hunched and i was no longer able to sleep on my back because if i do then my arm starts to have the sharp knife pain. so i started taking hydrocodone and other pain medication that my doctor prescribed until i can see a spine specialist. the spine specialist suggested that i should get my first cortisone injection in my c6-c7 left side of the neck. so i got my first injection and the injection wasn't that bad i didn't even feel anything. i was more panicky and worried then the actually procedure which lasted to me like 5 minutes. it was painful because they tried to make me lay down on my back but i wasn't able to due to my pain in my arm getting worse if i laid down flat on my back.

after the procedure my arm feel much better from a pain level of 10 to 2 or 3. but my neck area and where i got the injection is hurting more now. but that is expected after the procedure from what the doctor said. so i am still taking the pain medication and trying to get better. but i still am not able to lay down on my back and sleeping on my sofa kinda semi sitting up. but i'm hoping after couple of days of the cortisone injection everything should get back together.

sorry for the long story... but i just wanted to share my story with you first before i ask any additional questions.
1. doctor recommended physical therapy after i recover from the cortisone injection which should be around 1 or 2 weeks. will the physical therapy fix the issue if i follow all the physical therapy method at home and work rigorously?
2. is there a great pillow to buy for people with neck disc bulging issue?
3. should i change my bed and what bed do you guys recommend.

any other recommendation will be really appreciated. i am a big wuss when it comes to needles, surgery, or anything that deals with hospital. maybe i should have paid more attention and worked harder when i was on my first physical therapy treatment back in 2006 and i could have avoided all this pain and to the trip to the hospital.. but i guess live, go through the pain, and finally learn. but i really don't want to get my disc bulging issue any worse then it is now....

so anything you guys can recommend will be really appreciated. such a sleeping habits, exercising instructions, eating habits, what pillows to use or bed to use, and how to continue my physical therapy. I just really want to pay attention and fix this issue this time around. sorry for the long story... but thank you guys...


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  • its been 3 weeks since my first injection and a week ago i told my doctor that my pain level has decreased from a 10 to a 5 after the injection. But 5 is still painful and bothering me. I am still not able to lay down on my bed because the pain on my left arm starts to flare up. and after the injection the pain level goes up and down through out the day from 5 in the morning to 2 throughout the day and 5 back at night. Today i'm going in for another injection. hopefully the second injection will decrease the pain down to 0.
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  • pmack11ppmack11 MassachusettsPosts: 2
    Hi jkim1978,

    I am suffering from the EXACT same thing you described, My MRI shows a herniated c6-c7 disc. All my sypmtoms and pain are exactly as you described--it's horrible pain. I am interested to know how you are doing and what you have done since you last posted?  I would greatly appreciate any info on how things went for you. Spent last night half sitting on couch to get some sleep just as you described  :/  
  • Hey Guys how did it end up working our for You? Where you able to go back to the gym and lift weights? I'm in the same boat 
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