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due to have surgery 19th may

hi iam just wondering and looking for some advice really, iam due to have a disk removed in may as I am going away otherwise it would have already been done,
but iam worried about the operation its self as its my l4-l5 that's been removed but after seeing surgeon he's since sent me for another mri on my cervical due to pain their to,
I also have had bloods galore taken over the last few mth, that have shown nothing but then a letter came saying my vitamin d levels are very low, now could this be due to my disk problem I ache all over and feel so low is this common in people with same issues,
I can hardly walk I feel like iam in my 80 but I am only 38, lol pain in my hips legs bottom neck shoulders and pins and needles am very worried that its something more than just disk issues or am I over thinking


  • Hi Zoe,

    I am going in for spinal fusion l5-s1 on Saturday & altho our conditions are slightly different all the symptoms you describe sound identical

    I get shooting pains down my legs, semi permanent cramp in my left calf with occasional numb patches, weakness in my hands, pain in my hips etc

    I am 32 so know how you feel!!

    I think you don't realise how awkwardly we carry ourselves when in pain so it has a knock on effect..

    Good luck with the surgery ☺
    Mini- TILF L5-S1 April 12th 2014
  • Hi Zoe,
    I had a Pro Disc replacement in my L4-L5 and a cage in my L5-S1 in 2007 and have not looked back on here since about 6 months post surgery. I see there are a lot of changes in treatments, but still a lot of people in pain. I would only advise you to get more than one surgical consult. I had 4 and was glad that I did, and it was in the end the perfect choice. I am not sure what your surgeon has planned to do at the site of your disc removal? I.e fusion, replacement disc? But what I had read and experienced was this, "Your confidence in your surgeon/physician is important". I know this sounds hokey pokey, but trust me, you have to feel that your treatment is going to give you your life back. and finally, "Do everything and nothing more than your surgeon/physician tell you to do post op". I worked with a guy who did nothing as he was told to do and he went on to have a total of 4 surgeries and is now on total disability. I did everything to the letter of what my surgeon told me to do and now have my life back. I will not lie to you and tell you that I do not have days when I am a little achy and sore, but I take a Advil and keep on going. Rain is not our friend anymore, as I am sure you already know. I would be more than happy to talk to you more here, or you can email me or PM me if there is anything else that I can tell you about or help you in any way. I would be more than happy to help, and best of luck. Steve
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  • hi steve
    thank you for that vote of confidence, I am not going to lie I am scared stiff at the minute of what the out come will be but its got to be far better than living the way I am, each day that goes by something else happens and the pain is now rising upwards,
    I need and want my life back as I am a fun loving happy go lightly person and I feel like its all been taken away,
    the surgeon has said that hes going to fusion I have complete trust in him hes good at what he does,lol
    I am glad your surgery worked for you and I expect from time to time a few aches and pains its only natural,
    are best of luck steve hope your recovery continues doing fab :):):)
  • I'm 53 but felt much older. In fact, my 80 year old parents went to the hospital with me and I seriously couldn't keep up with them. They were slowing down to stay with me. My pain was right in my right hip and the right leg just above the ankle. The funny thing is, I feel much better than I am! What does that me? I am pain free from the disc rupture issues and surgery but I can't do the things I want to do until my back completely heals from the surgery. The most I've lifted since surgery is a gallon of milk.

    March 20, 2014 - L4/L5 Laminectomy and Microdiscectomy
  • Ezby81EEzby81 Posts: 6
    edited 04/14/2014 - 2:20 AM
    I'm 48 hrs out of surgery & feel amazing! Yes sore bit stiff & groggy from the drugs but I'm so happy. Its gone really well & my wound is small & healing well I'm up & walking about albeit slowly.. Good luck to you
    Mini- TILF L5-S1 April 12th 2014
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