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Fentynal and Blood Pressure

I don't know if this is a repeat but I learned the hard way Yesterday NOT TO FORGET TO CHANGE THE PATCH!!!!

I did for a day and I was so week and dizzy I could barely get up and had to hold on to something to walk. I checked my BP and it was 70/40. I changed the patch and it took about 12 hours and I could function again.

The dosage was 50mcg/hr.

That was one thing I did not expect.


  • I may be wrong but I don't think that would cause your blood pressure to drop. I have taken every pain med under the sun, fentanyl included, and I have never had one make my bp drop. I take blood pressure meds and I have had my blood pressure to drop, sometimes I think that if you have a normal bp reading before you take the bp meds, that could cause it to drop. Just the other day, mine dropped to 87/52 so I know how you feel. Makes you feel absolutely awful, dizzy the whole 9 yards. I probably shouldn't have done this but I ate salt trying to get it back up, I'm sure that is not the medical advice I would have been given. I think next time this happens to either of us we need to call our dr.s or go to our local ER'S. Again, I don't think forgetting to change your patch would have caused it to drop. Hope you are doing better now.

    **Next time, this happens, we call our dr's--agreed??**
  • When I stopped taking any of the opiods out there ( and I have taken them all) every time my BP crashed . I have discussed this with the doc the concensus is that is just the way my body reacts. T

    Just a note that it can happen and according to my Pain doc it is not common but in my case probable due to my intolarance of everything expect Fentaynal and Hydrocodone.
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  • MrGrouchMMrGrouch Posts: 102
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    Ever try juggling chainsaws while walking a tight rope? But from your small print you do. More so than I.
    I also tae other meds that can reduce BP, the fentynal withdrawal seems to be the worst. Was not bad at 25mcg but the 50 mcg you can really feel it. I hope I can stay at 50 for a year before having to jump up again.

    s5-l4 herniated( no surgery) s5-l1 dried up. nothing major just a lot of places where the nerves are pinched..
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