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Muscle spasms


I herniated my L5s1 disc in 2010 and had sciatica for about 8 months, then the pain went away. Iv'e been fine until Sep 2013 when was stretching my back on a stability ball and I started to get a twitching feelings in my spine. the twitching lead to my back muscles getting tight and spasming.

The twitching has since spread all over my body, especially my trapezius muscles. Ive been to physio alot, but it only helps for awhile, then i get tight again. When I press on my spine it feels bruised. I just can't seem to get my muscles loose again! Has anybody had anything similar? I'm really getting frustrated


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    I've had four Lumbar Spine Fusions with Pedicle Plates and Screws. It left me with constant back spasms that start in the center of the Lumbar Spine and radiate upward and out to my sides. I've also tried physical therapy for many months and did everything they asked. Finally, the doctors tried medication for the spasms. First, they tried Baclofen. It worked, but made me feel like I was walking in water and I had to stop that med. Then, they tried small doses of Cloznazapem. It worked well and I'm still taking it. Good Luck. Despite what the physical medicine physicians and the Physical Therapists say, exercise doesn't always work. After months of PT, I was still needing help getting out of the car after a session and had terrible pain for days after. The PT was a Doctor of PT, had all kind of spine certifications and training and was highly recommended.. The medication has also helped the bruised feeling. My skin above the spine felt like I had severe sunburn. It was so sensitive to the touch that clothing touching my back caused pain.
    RJ Burland
  • I have many problems with my spine, I could be wrong but in my case I always thought the bruised feeling was from arthritis, I have pretty bad facet joints in my lumbar area. It could be worth looking into.

    I have a lot of muscle spasms & I agree, just PT has never calmed them. After battling for years a combination of warm stretches, prescription topical cream & muscle relaxants works best. I took Tizanidine for 4 years, grew a little tolerant so I moved to Baclofen & I seem to be doing fine.

    When my pain has been very bad & poorly managed I've had 'electrical' muscle pain spread throughout my body. All of my 'trigger points' fire. This has even been called fibromyalgia etc. in the past. The only way I've managed that has been trigger/pressure point injections followed by my routine above. Once I've got a handle on my pain I can control this very well. Specialist massage & exercise also helps.

    I've had some over zealous & 'one size fits all' therapists over the years & they've only made my pain worse. My therapists say I should never collapse into the car in tears after! They firmly believe that the only pain I should experience is the regular exercise soreness you get after working muscles a little harder than they're used to.

    I hope this helps a little. ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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  • Thanks for the replies. Yeah iv'e been taking baclofen and it does help but im still abit tight on them and I know increasing the dosage will make me drowsy. When I see the doc next ill ask him about the bruised feeling, I always have so many questions and when I get to see the doc I forget half of them lol. Im only 22 so I doubt it is arthritis, I could be wrong though. Thanks again for the advice, I appreciate it.
  • Getting to the cause of back pain & managing it can take a frustratingly long time sometimes. I know! ;-)

    When I start a new medication or increase the dose I often get drowsy too. I usually find that side effect goes away within a week or 2. It's unlikely that any medication will take 100% of pain away & as I said, I've never found any one thing that works on its own. I know I'm saying that you might have to accept some level of pain but that doesn't mean stop looking for the answer. Quite the opposite. Questions, questions,'ll get there in the end.

    I was in my early teens when I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Shallow end of the gene pool..ugh! Not saying it is..I've just always equated that bruised feeling with arthritis. Your doc is the best person to figure it all out.

    Best of luck.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • I get these to I find hot baths rubbing on volteral gel ibrofen tablets and muscle relaxers help but like you see you can still get the tightness I do some stretching now but find it can actually like you make the spasms get worse
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