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Sciatica with not back pain from Herniated disc? ..So Confused

Hi Everyone!!
Very excited to be on this page and hoping for some advice as I am totally confused. So about 8 weeks ago I was deadlifing a heavy weight and left a "pop" in my back. My whole body went completely stiff and I immediately went to the hospital where the doctor stated I had a herniated disc.I have never had an X-Ray or MRI and am scheduled for a CT Spine scan in 2 weeks.

Now, for about a year before this incident I had shooting pain which went down my right leg every so often, NEVER the left It almost felt like my bone was splitting in 2 and I went to the doctor and physiotherapists who all stated they were shin splints. Fast forward to this injury. Throughout the whole past 8 weeks I have never really had much back pain at all and I still don't. However, about 4 week into the injury all of a sudden the sciatica got bilateral- tingling in my feet, and burning in my feet, especially at night and a dull ache in my left ankle. When I sit my feet (both) tingle and I get an dull stiff ache in my left ankle. When I walk by ankle gets a slight ache and eventually the outsides of my feet just burn. Now what I am confused about is how I dont get the same symptoms in both legs? I never get any pain in my left leg or angle, just almost like tingling in my feel and every so often a dull electrical shot deep in my hip when I am sleeping in my left leg. Also note, I have a muscle tear in my right hip that also causes me a bit of pain, but nothing like sciatica.

I am starting to wonder if the herniated disc is healed and the sciatica is from something else, like a sacroiliac joint issue for example. I ask the doctor but he keeps saying just wait until the test, blah, blah, blah, but I am really starting to get frustrated mentally. Just wondering if anyone else experiences anything like this, especially the different symptoms in each leg?.

Also, I was seeing a chiro for about 6 weeks however it seemed to aggravate the problem and I do see PT and get acupuncture for the sciatica but I just feel like it might be something different and wondering if anyone else experiences similar things??

Thanks for your time and I wish you all well :):)
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