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jdrobinsonjjdrobinson Posts: 36
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i am 3 months out of spinal surgery and have had a very rough recovery. the surgery so far has not provided any relief. my lower back feels crushed, my legs feel like jello, and my overall pain level is a solid 10 for two weeks straight since i began a plan with a pm dr. i was taking percocet for roughly 8 years, every day. my neurosurgeon was prescribing me perc 7.5/325 8xday for the past 3 1/2 months. this dr. put me on 5mg opana er 1xdaily for a week then 2xdaily for a week, break thru was 2 10mg oxycocone the first week and 1 a day the second week.

my appointment was today and i explained to him that i had been able to do absolutely nothing for 2 weeks, and he knew i was in pain bc i almost fell down when he reviewed my incision. i took my wife with me for support as see had witnessed the extreme downfall over the past 2 weeks that was turning me into nothing. i have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks due to this increase in pain. i haven't had relief in over 24 hours bc the way he wrote the opana script could not be filled and i didnt have the energy to take it back to him. if he does this all the time should he not have known this would happen? no i am abruptly dropping off of the opana due to his mistake.
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i could have seen another specialist today if i had known this was going to be his plan. but they take a while to get into. this might work for some but will throw me into a destructive pattern if i do not find help asap and i already feel myself slipping. i took one look at my wife in the room and she had her head buried and i got a 'oh lord' i told the dr i would try but if i bailed in the next few days then i wanted a peaceful exit and he said certainly. he's last words were hang in there. why test patients when they are 3 months out of surgery with increased pain and send them out to a world knowing that they will be eaten alive?

has anyone else had this happen and what did you do? do i need to choose another pm dr and go to the hospital to get meds that will get me to that appt. ? or????? any advice would be great

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  • jdrobinsonjjdrobinson Posts: 36
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    raising the opana once a day and taking away one break thru med per day is worse than what i had before. yes he may have increased the opana but that in no way touches the relief of the one break thru med i had per day that happens to be the only relief i have from this. the opana just isn't working yet. i realize it is not going to be as noticeable kicking in but that in no way supplements the one minimal break thru pill i had that got me through the day while i sit in waiting for weeks for opana to show itself. i read all the time about people being on 40mg opana with 3 break thru meds. i told him flat out, all the relief i have had has been from my one break thru med so it seems like taking away my one bit of relief was just making things worse. on top of that i couldn't even fill the opana ache wrote it for 3xday. then i was in so much discomfort i said forget it and went home. and this guy told me that if his way was too hard that i was free to go to another dr. he said there are plenty around that freely give the break thru meds and that would be real nice u have them
  • yes i totally understand what you are saying. yesterday i fell out of our shower because my legs gave out on me. my wife took me to the hospital where they said they were going to refer me to another pm dr and i said that would be great. after this happened, i have had phone call after phone call from the other dr trying so very hard to be of any help that they can. after three days with no medication i am now so very lucky to have my opana er and i am working right now to go to another dr. this is a case where this dr wants to have his big piece of cake and eat it too without the hassle of helping people and prescribing just a little bit of something that would actually make a patient's plan work.
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,099
    pain medications is not the answer to eliminating pain. too many people believe that if they get more pain medications, then they will no longer have pain. untrue!

    what might be true, is if there is a doctor that will prescribe unlimited amounts of pain medications, then you become a zombie.

    pain management is a total package that involves so much more than just pain medications. take a look at the blend
  • I strongly believe that a PM docs duty is to give you reasonable reduction in pain (50%) to the best of his ability considering what's in the patients best interests. Most PM docs I've ever met do this but not all. I have met one who will not prescribe narcotic medications for chronic pain. If he were my doctor, or Ron's, or Sandis he would stop our narcotic prescriptions. Some will not prescribe breakthrough medications. Some automatically 1/2 every patients prescriptions. Doctors personal beliefs come into play. When it comes to narcotic medications they have very different standards of care.

    My doctor supports narcotic therapy as part of the blend to treat chronic pain & believes that ER & breakthrough narcotics, in moderation, are a very useful tool to increase activity & quality of life for his patients. For me it's important to have a doctor who believes in a similar approach to pain management as me. My doctor thinks I need a night out, he found a dine-in cinema near my home, with lounge chairs I could lay in & recommended it to my husband. He's not your everyday doctor!
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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