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lumbar microdiscectomy l4/l5

Please help! I had horrible back and leg pain for almost three years. Finally had an mri and it showed I had a herniated disc with a tear that was leaking in the l4/l5. After x rays it showed I also had multiple bone fragments. I was scheduled for surgery right away. Had it on June 4, 2014. Immediately after I had increasing leg pain in my left leg that went from my hip down I also had numbness. My dr. Put me on neurotin. I am now at 8 weeks. My left leg is constantly numb and achy. I have sharp horrible pains in my leg and back. It feels like my muscels are going to pop out from under my knee.It also gives out so I know have to use a cane so I don't fall. Had an mri with dye and a nerve test done last week. The dr. Doing the nerve test looked at my mri first and said the disc was rebulged on the left and that was what was causing my pain. He said I wouldn't even need to do the test because that was what was causing my pain. I decided to do the test anyways figuring my dr. Would want it before he did anything else. Met with the Dr's PA today (since the surgery I have not seen my Dr he does everything through a PA after surgery that wasn't even there during surgery) He said he had discussed with my Dr. And they don't think the disc is bulging enough and since the nerve test showed I had no nerve damage their is nothing more they are willing to do. He said at the 8 week mark if patients are still feeling pain they refer them to a psychiatrist that they recomend.
I am not crazy and this is not all in my head. I own and run my own dance studio. I can't even walk down my hall without my leg giving out or crying out in pain. I can't sit because it causes my hip pain to go crazy. I have to lay propped up to get relife. I can't live like this. I have a family that needs me. What can I do???? Please, please help me.


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  • I would get a second opinion from another spine specialist. Since you were given conflicting information regarding your most recent MRI, I would want at least one more opinion if not two.
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  • Thank you for your response. I am meeting with a new Dr. In a few weeks. I have been trying to wean off the pain meds but know I am having the same searing pain in my back that I had before surgery. I had had it before after the surgery but it would come and go and I figured it was from moving wrong but know it lasts all day. I am so upset. I haven't got to do anything fun with my kids all summer. My husband bought an RV so I could lay while traveling and we could try to have some kind of summer with the kids but the vibrations while traveling set off the pain and make it worse. Has anybody out there had this kind of results after surgery? Also after surgery I was covered in bruises. I had 16 on my left leg in between my knee and groin. 13 on my right leg between my knee and groin and 5 between my belly button and hair line. One on my left leg was raised and bulged and 6 inches long and is still their. As I mentioned before I am a dance teacher. I get hit, kicked, punched and tumbled into all the time and never bruise. I had a girl nail me with her knee while spotting her in a back handspring. She laid me flat out and broke my nose. My face never brusied. I teach cheer to and have been landed on while spoting stunts. My legs and arms are always sore from being hit or kicked, sometimes I even have skin missing from cheer shoes and I am bleeding and still no bruises. I also had 4 inch long bruises on each shoulder in a straight line. I asked the PA about these and he said their wasn't any reason why I would have bruises from the surgery. Said their wasn't anything in those areas to leave bruises. Told me I must have done something while coming out of anesthesia that caused them or when I was sleeping. Has anyone else bruised like that? One of them on my right leg looked like a hand print. Also my surgery went over the time my husband was told. The Dr. told him an hour tops but it took two and a half. He said it was worse when they got in their and their was a lot of damange and fragments he had to clean out. Also at my last visit when I got there I was told my Dr. Had ordered another set of x-rays. I asked why and was told they weren't sure. I asked the PA after during our visit and he said they were just looking at things and changed the subject. He also tried to pass off the pain I was still having on a small mass the mri picked up in my uterus. Said it was probably an ovarian cyst and I should have an ultrasound on it. When I reminded him I had a full hysterectomy 5 years ago and that that was probably scar tissue he got quite for awhile and said they had done all they could do so I should probably just talk to their psychiatrist they recomend. I was never rude or mean at any of my visits and we weren't calling all the time with questions or complaints. I work with "dance moms" I know attitude never solves anything and I believe in kharma. I believe what vibrations you put out there is what you get back. I am really confused and stressed please anybody tell me what I should do or give me some advice. Thanks.
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