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Fifth fusion scheduled and I am paralized with depression

i have previously had fusion of lumbars and S1, all the cervicals bilateral hip replacements, on injections to delay knee replacements. I have M c t d, DDD arthritis and a bunch of stuff. The upcoming surgery has been delayed by my need for dental work. A dentist broke my jaw or rather it sort of fell apart during oral surgery. At that time I had dental insurance. Since then I paid a fortune for partial. The anchor teeth began to decay and break. This spring I was given the okay to proceed. Do you know how much they cost? I signed up forMedical andDentical good news. I was approved with a share cost of $975 per month. I receive $1700 social security and pay$904 per month for rent. Right now I am in the donut hole and I paid $700 for meds in July. I am rambling. After literally going door to door to all the charities I could find, checking out the university dental schools all too much money. The heartwarming news is that my nephew, who is not a part of my daily life, called. Apparently it was a down day and I poured my heart out. A few days later, I received a check from him enough to cover all my copays. I had the work done three weeks ago and all is well. Not all of the bone grafts are taking and I have some decayed bits of teeth working their way out. Anyway, I am wearing the soft denture and at this early stage have an ability to chew. Infection gone. Went to see surgeon last week and I am scheduled lumbar thoracic first following healing cervical thoracic. For the first time in my vast surgical history, I am terrified. The pain is incredible, worse every day. Nothing helps. I am on ms 30 mg tid, oxycodone 10/325 I take two tid, gabapentin 800 mg tid, mobic, and venlafaxine and lots of other arthritis crap. I talked to my pm today at length, he jokingly told me that I am old, and he doesn't' want to have to fill out the paperwork when I gork. He also offered me a job in his office after my back heals. I am usually the reassuring everyone that it will all be okay, but I don't feel that way. My docs tell me to meditate, but when I quiet the noise in my head, the pain in my back rushes in. I see a psyc about quarterly, and I need to see him before surgery. Please offer some suggestions. I do count my blessings. I have a great son, who is getting weary of numerous surgeries, and I feel guilty about my dependence on him. I will stop before I go on forever. Thanks puppymom
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  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,109
    I have 8 fusions under my belt so I know how you are feeling. It seems as if it will never end. I can tell you this, each surgery helped the pain and was worth having done. I think as chronic pain patients depression enters at some point. See a psych dr. who specializes with chronic pain patients. My pain Dr requires we see one at least twice a year for a mental check up . Dont give up, things will get better,
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