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Extreme lower back and pelis pain

leehaylerlleehayler Posts: 2
edited 08/20/2014 - 8:43 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi, I thought i would come here to find if anyone can help me.

About a year and a half ago, i suddenly started to get a burning sensation in my left buttock which then spread up to the top of the buttock and across to my very lower back and pain in my left hip. i saw a hip specialist first who took an xray and said that everything looked fine, including my sacroiliac joint from what he could see . I then saw a musko skeletal spine specialist who sent me off for an MRI and the results came back that i had very slight mechanical changes in the lowest 2 segments including two small very slight left side disc bulges, slightly narrowing the exit foramen on the left side as L4/5 and L5/S1 and basically said its nothing he wouldn't expect to see in someone my age (37) ( this was 4 months ago). Now the pain is extreme ! I get the burning pain in the center of both buttocks, along the tops of my buttocks and in both hips and pain at the top of my left ilium. The pain always feels very deep and untouchable. its a constant dull ache which is so bad it feels like its taking my life over. I don't get shooting pains in either of my legs but do have a very deep gnawing ache in my inner left leg just below my pubic bone 2 inches down from the crease of my leg and groin which really hurts if im able to dig my finger in deep enough. I think when im able to im almost down to the bone.
I'm also very stiff when bending forward and have noticed increasing popping, clicking which isn't audible when im moving around in my very lower back and pelvis.
I'm back to the specialist at the end of the month to probably get a referal for some injections but im not sure where abouts he will suggest i get them done. Do you think it would be where the slight bulges are? or maybe my sacroiliac joint? can a problem with this joint give me these extreme symptoms?
I forgot to add that the pain is at a minimal when i wake up, and at its extreme when im sitting down and pain also radiates from either side deep inside my lower abdomen. If anyone else can shed any light on these symptoms it would be appreciated.




  • LizLiz Posts: 9,694
    there is nobody on the site qualified to diagnose your symptoms or advise on treatment that is for your doctor.


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  • Ok thankyou. Really i was just wondering whether anyone else had symptoms like these and whether they had a diagnosis.


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