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  • I'm so glad for Shadow to have had such a wonderful life with a pet owner like you.

    I am managing the daily pain that my 12 year old Chow has with Deramaxx. It's tough to feel so powerless to help him some days.

    In the past few years I have had to say goodbye to our 13 year old Lab Sarah and our 16 year old Spitz Casey. It brought me some peace to know that they had lived in a "Dog Country Club" and that I did all I could to ease their pain and spend extra time babying them when they got old.

    Please keep us updated on Shadow's progress. I know that in addition to me there are many other animal lovers on this site that would love to provide you support and comfort during this time.
  • I that Shadow is having a better day today and tell him that I am sorry for calling him a she :O , he is just the cuttest dog! You have given shadow lots of love and good years that is just so great! I hope that he lives much, much longer and prove the Vet's wrong.
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  • Thnx for the kind words paininthe back,ewaight and millie...
  • You really should take comfort knowing that you provided such a good life for Shadow. My pets have always been like children to me and for a long time I swore that I would never have another because it has been like losing a child when they pass. Then came Lucy, my African Grey. normally they live about 65 years and I was in my 30s when I got her. But, with all of the meds that she is on it will shorten her life span considerably. Even with the meds she is often in a great deal of pain. It breaks my heart to see her suffer knowing that I can do little for her. But, I do know that I am providing a very good life for her and actually she is quite spoiled. Anyway, bigcat I will certainly keep you and Shadow in my prayers and please keep us posted. We will be here to understand and support you.
  • I hope your bird will start to feel better soon,thnxfor your kind words....
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  • Shadow had a real bad night ,i called the vet ,i am waitng for them to call,he is bitting both front legs and his back end,i am going to ask for a better pain med,and to see if he need to be re evaulted to see how far the cancer has spread,he is resting now...
  • I just talked to the vet,i am goingto bring him to the vet in the morning,they are going do to an xray on him to see if the cancer has progressed,if it has, i will have to put him to sleep....
  • Bigcat,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. I know you are spending time with him right now. I will pray for a good diagnosis for him in the AM.
  • Thx, for you prayers ewaight...
  • Cory,
    It breaks my heart that your puppy was in so much pain last nigh.It is not easy to see our love ones suffer, I know. I will be praying for shadow and you. It is not easy to have to say goodbye to a beloved family member either, but sometimes we just need to let them go and know that we will see them some day in a place were there is no pain, or sorrow or sadness or sickness just happiness and bright sun shiny days every single day. Hugs,

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