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our pets



  • Best news I have heard all day today. God bless you and Shadow.--Mazy
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,813

    I know that only another animal lover will understand when I say "let him maintain his dignity" means. Our pets are so important in our lives. They may not be able to communicate in the voices we all understand, but any dog or cat lover (or other animal lover) will tell you that they can completely understand what they pet is telling them.
    I had a Australian Terrier/Poodle mix, she reached 13 years old and was going deaf, blind and a bit senile. One night she went out for a walk and didnt come back till 3 days later(in this was the middle of the winter).
    When she came back, I knew she knew that it was not much longer. My wife and I didn't want to see her suffer and we couldnt see her just continuing for our benefit. We had her put to sleep. It was one time, we dropped off a pet to have this done. NEVER again. We had to put another dog to sleep and I held him in my arms after the lethal injection made its way into his body.

    Cory, I pray and hope that Shadow can rebound and feel more like himself. If not, I know you are a man of integrity and principal and will know the right thing to do.
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  • Ifit gets to the point he is not eating or looses his bowel or bladder control,i wont let him suffer...
  • It is so nice to know that others out there have the same kind of love for their pets as I do. They have a way of getting into your heart. Please know that both you and Shadow are in my prayers. Hope Shadow has a better nite tonight.
  • here is a picture of my new dog i adopted yesterday,he is a little under weight,but i will fatten him up....image
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  • Cory--what a beautiful baby! Congratulations! You both are lucky to have each other!---Mazy
  • Elijah is beautiful! Doesn't look malnourished/underweight at all!

    I know you posted this already, but please refresh my mem'ry - how old is he?

    I especially like his little "doggy-do" on top his head! put some Paul Mitchel on that and spike it up a bit.... Cool, Man!

    He's such a cutie pie - thanks for sharing!!!

    Jeaux :B
    (nevermind - i backtracked - elijah is 3 - just a baby!)
  • I think he is between one and two years old,he is settling in and he has bonded to me already....
  • Well, I'm sure that was not a difficult task for him at all (except for maybe the first 15 - 20 minutes). Animals know when they are safe. They can sense an animal lover from a mile away.

    Jeaux ;)
  • they know when they are safe and loved! He is precious and I know that you will have a good life together. It is so nice to know when an animal has a good home. There are so many abused and neglected out there. That is so great that you opened your home and your heart to another dog.
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