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Who gets foot aching, besides just sciatica burning etc?

fatherof4ffatherof4 Posts: 11
I had a M-disc back in January and still have buttocks, knee, calf pain etc. Recently got a second opinion that said to have another surgery, an open discectomy, b/c the disc is still displacing the nerve. L4/L5. I'm dealing with it right now with Advil, and I'm really worried about another surgery b/c of the horror stories of scar tissue.
Anywya, that's not why I'm posting.... lately BOTH of my feet can start aching like I just jumped off the roof of a building. I have gto take my shoes off and lay down for it to go away. Does anyone else get that? ANd how worrying it is, now that the right side is involved, when for a year npw I've been in pain at least it was only on one side,

This is not the burning, electric agony, this is a deep aching like a toothache, but in both feet. My MRI from two weeks ago showed nothing going on in the right foramen, just the left one, even after the surgery. Anyone else?


  • have you been checked for spondylolisthesis?

    I get achey feet all the time along with a host of other thing/symptoms.

    I hope you get to feeling better,


  • Hi Father,

    Yes even though I've had a PLIF in January, on my right side my leg and feet get that toothache feeling you talk about. It's funny because that's how I describe it to people, I tell them it's like the worse tooth ache but in your leg/feet. Like your bones ache. You are not alone, but my PCP put me on Lyrica 1 month ago, it has helped a little, but not completely.
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  • Hello Father, I know exactally what you are saying....I get severe aching in my feet and ankles on some bad I cant even step down...I dont know what its from but you are NOT alone!!!!
  • Ok, maybe I am obsessed with this thing, since I JUST was diagnosed, but do you have aching like that in other areas of your body? It could be S1 being messed up, OR you may have/getting Fibromyalgia. I have other foot problems, but since being diagnosed, (really before too) I have pain that's like that in my feet on the sides. I had pain on my thighs like that, and still do sometimes, when the fibro pain is bad, but I've been resting all weekend and the pain is less on the weekend than at work. You might have some symptoms of fibromyalgia. I'd have it checked out though. I was on Lyrica before I was diagnosed and it did NOTHING for me but make me high as a kite, very tired, unable to concentrate, I gained weight on it, and my legs and hands started to swell. On top of that the hamstring/muscle pain in my thighs was already painful (maybe 6 on scale of 1-10, and made it a 9! All this and I was on it for 6 days; 50 mg at night! Dr. took me off it, and now I am on Flexeril. I actually wonder if the pain is from the fibro b/c now as I type this, I have that pain even with being on the flexeril.

    Ahhhhhhhhh...the mysteries of medicine and spinal/foot/muscle disorders~!
  • Check that out, too; it can be extremely painful....
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  • I've had foot problems for years, before I knew I had back problems, and they are still with me. In the past my foot pain was so bad that pushing in the clutch of my car caused a lot of pain. What I have now is a combination of numbness and pain. It is really strange, since for me at any one time, some parts of the foot can be numb, while other parts are painful. It is hard to explain. Walking more than about 5 - 10 minutes will get this numbness going, progressing on to pain as I keep going.

    I had a micro-d 7 weeks ago (tomorrow) and it has helped my leg pain a lot, but not the feet. Assuming it is due to damaged nerves, it will take a long time to heal, if indeed it does. PT and surgeon said nerves can take 2 - 4 years.

    I have some numbness on my right side, particularly in my toes, but most is on the left, where I had a significant L5/S1 disc herniation. My radiology report (which I just got a copy of) mentions "mild S1 compression" on the right side. And at L4/5 it says I have mild right and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis. This is something I need to dicuss with my surgeon next time I see him, to see if those are contritubing to my foot issues. To date, I've just addressed the L5/S1 issues on the left.

    Not sure if this is helpful, but you aren't alone, in experiencing foot pain issues.
  • Well thanks for the replies. I hope one of us figures it out and posts up what the problem was.

    It's time for a new MD for me. He's visibly annoyed that my M-Disc didn't work out and the body language when I describe some of these other odd symptoms is very frustrating. I'm a candidate for another M-Disc or open disc for hip and leg pain, (MRI shows further L4/L5 disc/nerve contact) but it won't be done by him... and I'm beginning to think it won't help the feet either.
  • Hey,
    I've got the same feeling right now. Like someone took a baseball bat to the bottom of my foot.
    I just have it in the one foot (left side) and it kills me. I can't walk on it even though I'm supposed to walk to help heal.
    Also, it feels like there may be fluid in my foot. Do you get that feeling at all? Like I'm walking on a small lump and it's extremely painful and a little puffy.
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