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newby with suspected slipped

TazzybTTazzyb Posts: 9
edited 10/04/2014 - 10:50 PM in Lower Back Pain name is Tarryn. ..I'm very new to all this. Ive had back spasms in the past...but never as severe as this last week. Ive had a hip problem and have been at physio for the last 7 months...but woke up on Wed and could hardly walk...excruciating pain in lower back radiating down my leg...thinking it was my hip went off to physio...who said there was nothing more they could do and that I needed to go back to ortho and get an MRI....hip ortho says suspected slipped disc and bed rest until Monday when they can do MRI...been in so much pain...on morphine. Why do I need to stay in bed??? And how bad could yhis be. Numbness down my right leg...and whole back in spasm now. Voltarin and cortisone injections have done nothing to alleviate the pain. I need to get back to work...please help me...thanks


  • LizLiz Posts: 9,709
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  • It's Monday now. What did your Ortho say? Are you still on rest until the MRI results come in? I know it's really worrying but until you know what's causing your symptoms it's all guess work. Are the meds helping? Have you tried any of the age old traditional methods to take the edge off of the pain? I use topical creams, airomatherapy massage oils, ice/heat, hot Epsom salt baths. I know they're not going to take the pain away but they often ease things a little for me while waiting for medical assistance.

    I'm sorry you're suffering like this. Hopefully it's just a bad flare. Best of luck.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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  • As I read your message I'm waiting in the doctors rooms to see the doc after my MRI. The MRI was terrible...i never want to go through that all are so brave...Still in pain but not as severe as last week. Hoping it's nothing serious....was hoping he would just talk to me over the phone...but he called and said I must comenin...a bit nervous...will let you know later what he says...hold thumbs...and thanks for the soon...
  • doc says bottom 2 discs are degenerative....with a slight pinched nerve. He was really surgery needed...yay...just physio and exercise type pilates and anti inflammatory's for relieved. I have a family history of back I guess it's hereditary. ...
  • Ugh! Mines hereditary too. How old are you (if you don't mind me asking) mine started to cause me real problems in my mid 30's when I had my first child. I believe that physical therapy & specialist yoga has really helped keep me strong & mobile & (possibly) slowed the progression. Now it's all about finding the right 'blend' of treatments, therapy, meds etc for you. I like airomatherapy massage oils & a boiling hot Epsom salt (magnesium) bath when things are bad. I take muscle relaxants & narcotic pain meds. Have you tried meditation & visualization? Hobbies? Anything & everything to take my mind off of the pain works for me!
    The day I really took control of this was the day things started to improve. I've also found that just because things like injections didn't work in the past doesn't mean they won't now. Trigger point shots for spasms never worked for me until I combined them with meds, ice & stretches. I've been on this (not so merry) merry-go-round for quite a while now! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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  • I'm 38...and to be brutally honest I've had this for about 5 years but put it off thinking it was my bed....the way I was sitting...etc. my doc has given me strong pain meds called dolorol forte.. I was on oxycontin but felt a bit out of it, and anti inflammatory's. He just mentioned physio and pilates but that's it. Last night I was uncomfortable with the pain but nothing too hectic. I am wanting to find out more about the disease to try and get it under control....I have aromatherapy massages at least once a weak....but I will definitely try your suggestions...anything will help hey...any natural meds like calcium or
    magnesium that you know of works?? Thanks soon.
  • I am a big proponent of magnesium.
  • Hi Angi

    Thanks for that. How many mg do you suggest per day of Magnesium...I'm investigating at the moment.
  • I take magnesium, B complex, Q10, womens Multi, fish oil, D. I know that it makes a difference if I stop taking the magnesium for a while. Don't know about anything else really. Can't hurt!
    I've been taking glucosamine & condroitin for years. I read that it performed lower than placebo in some long term studies & docs aren't recommending it anymore. I dont know! These things change all the time! I've still got some left & then I'm going to decide if I'm going to re-stock or not. It gets expensive.

    I live on a healthy diet. Very little processed food. I used to live on a really strict arthritis diet now it's 'mostly' strict... Drink lots of water. Lots of fruit & fiber because I'm on narcotics & don't want constipation.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • I believe my magnesium is 500 mg...I do take two a day which was OKed by my pain doc.
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