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Marriage over?

Cory77CCory77 Posts: 2
edited 10/13/2014 - 9:47 PM in Depression and Coping
I am 37 and have a torn disc at L5-S1. I am married with three children, ages 2.5, 8 and 11. As if the physical pain wasn't enough, depression kicked in about a year ago once I began experiencing neck pain on top of my back pain. My wife has never been the best at dealing with me when I am sick or in pain. She typically apologizes and says it is because she relies upon me for so much that she doesn't know what to do when I am out of commission. As an example, years ago, I had an appendectomy. While recovering from the surgery, my wife began to get angry at me because it was taking me more than a day or two to get back to normal. The way she handled that experience was to leave me in bed and to disappear all day.

Not surprisingly, at first, she dealt with my back pain in the same way. The last few months have gotten worse. My back crashed in me again while we were on a family vacation at the beach. It happened the second day we were there. Even though I was bed ridden, my wife kept asking me to do things that I would imagine she knew I could not do and then get angry at me when I told her I could not do them. After two more days of dreading waking up, I finally decided to just go home. My wife stayed with our kids, my mom, stepdad, and my sister and her family.

On my way home and when I got home, I cried harder than I think I ever have. I thought about how it might be better for everyone if I was just dead. I eventually calmed down, but then began thinking that the answer was ending our marriage. When she came back with the kids, instead of telling her how I had been feeling, I joked/hinted around at her maybe finding someone new to replace me. I had come up with an entire plan that we would continue to live together while she dated, etc.

Things fell back into as normal of a groove as we've had since my pain began for a little while until both my back and my neck crashed on me two weeks ago. It put me out of work for a week. I needed more time than that, but did not want to get too far behind. I would go to work in extreme pain as I have done many times over the last few years. I would be in tears throughout the day because of the pain. When I came home, I would get in bed. When my wife would see me, the look on her face seemed to be one of disgust and anger. She would make comments like "I don't see how you can work, but you can't do (fill in the blank)." The way she was making me feel hit its peak the other night, and after she left me at home to go drinking with our neighbors, I cried uncontrollably and thought about suicide. Those thoughts only lasted for a few minutes until I snapped back into reality, but then I once again began obsessively thinking about getting divorced.

The next day, she gave me the look again and said something hurtful, so I finally addressed it. I told her that the way she was dealing with this was hurting me. I told her about my thoughts from the night before and told her that I needed her to deal with this better. I told her that if she couldn't, then I couldn't stay with her because it was hurting too much. I asked her if she would consider seeing a therapist like I do to help her cope with living with someone in pain. I asked her if she would consider going to couple's therapy. We both shared a good cry, and she committed to working on it. That was three days ago. Already, the comments and looks have begun again. More subtle this time, but it still stings. I feel hurt, sad, hopeless and angry all at the same time. Part of me just wants to give up on her and leave because I don't think she can change, but part of me feels like I should at least have us jump through the therapy hoops first.

Is my marriage over?


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  • There are always at least 2 sides to every story, sometimes not what you think. There are others that have suffered medical issues and dealt with chronic pain that have had relationship issues. Relationships don't always survive chronic pain and medical issues, but sometimes relationships can grow stronger.

    For the person suffering pain, it is hard to realize that your life partner is suffering too. They don't suffer the same, but they do hurt. I am fortunate that my wife treats me fairly well, but not everything is perfect. She knows that the doctor has limited the amount of weight that I am supposed to lift. She takes on tasks that would otherwise be my tasks. She likes to go out on weekends, we used to do that always together. Now she sometimes goes out with her friends. I have to let her deal with these changes in her own way and she tries to deal with my changes.

    When you wife puts you down or make fun of you, you can choose to take her statements at face value or choose to look at them as her way of crying out in pain. My thought is that you should look to how you can help restore health to your marriage. It sounds like you still value your marriage but are fed up with its current direction. Try to redirect the pain that you both feel and turn it towards a positive direction. You may have to strongly acknowledge her pain and open up a discussion on what you can do to move forward together. Try to avoid attacks on the other person. Recognize that not all verbal attacks are real attacks but could be just a way of expressing hurt and pain.

    Good luck, yours is not an easy road. I wish you well and hope you can get things worked out.
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  • Cory77CCory77 Posts: 2
    edited 10/14/2014 - 2:52 AM
    Thank you for your thoughts and insight. You are correct. I do still value my marriage and I am fed up with the current direction! I have known that she is in pain as well, but never put the two and two together that her comments might be an expression of her pain. Thank you!
  • The little things in life.. The moments with the kids. A hand hold with your wife.. Are the biggest things in the end. This big problem of your back is a no matter if you push it aside. Make it tour goal to get strong mentally and physically and live your best. It may not be what it was. Mourne that. Cry and bury that. You have today. This day to live and live only. Yesterday is over and tomorrow will never come. Thank your wife and love her. Talk about anything but I your back... Ask about her day. Smile through her pig headed responses. She just wants the man she married. Give her something better. Use this crippling backpain to show her how strong you are. You're going to surprise yourself.
    Wake up every day and keep telling yourself that.
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    edited 10/30/2014 - 1:56 AM
    Cory77 said:
    Thank you for your thoughts and insight. You are correct. I do still value my marriage and I am fed up with the current direction! I have known that she is in pain as well, but never put the two and two together that her comments might be an expression of her pain. Thank you!
    You are welcome and I wish both of you well. Life is not always easy and frequently takes some work. Hopefully both of you find the strength to work things out so that you can help each other in ways that really count.
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