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severe tightness in back and muscle spasms

Hello 3 weeks ago I had a deep tissue massage and ever since this my whole back has gone tight and into spasms and its so uncomfatable and painful nothing really is helping apart from hot baths but I cant stay in a hot bath all day I walk every day for my back because I injured it 7 weeks ago and until I went to see a physcio it was healing so well I am lost and do not know what to do now doctor is in shock as he cant believe how tight my back is and tried to muscle relaxers but none of them seem work can anyone recomdend anything to help never felt spasms like this is my life so scared she has caused my back permanent damage


  • Thanks sandy I am not been given diazepam muscle relaxers and using epson salts in my bath regular I am using over the counter deep relief and voluteral gel my back locked up last night and my partner took me hospital they told me the deep tissue massage has aggravated my lower back injury causing all my back to tighten up and go into severe spasms to be honest its pretty awful
  • I know sandy I am on diazepam 2 twice a day of 2mg a tablet co codomol using heat hot showers baths and nothing is easing the pain I did the ice for 2 weeks but it did nothing I think it made my back tighter to be honest I walk gently to every day its not as if I just sit still or lie in bed is the tens machine the only thing that helps you??I am terrified to go see another physcio as this as happened I collapsed few nights ago as my back locked up in pain and the doctor came out and gave me diazapam but he said I must go back to my doctor and get this looked into cause my whole back is going in major spasms and is shocked the therapist who is suppose to help you has actually caused this everyone told me physcios make your back worse but I did not listen and they were right wish I of listened now
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  • Have you tried trigger point injections (lidocaine & Botox)? They help me. If I ice, stretch etc after. My doc wasn't optimistic when he first tried them (I was already on meds prescription & OTC creams, hot baths etc) I still have to do all the other stuff but they aren't the problem they used to be.

    I was on Tizanidine for years then switched to Baclofen to stop my tolerance issues. I've just switched back to Tizanidine after 5 months & I think I've made a huge mistake! I'm waiting to see if my back settles down but I think the Baclofen was working much better than I gave it credit for! They are lots of different muscle relaxants to try.

    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Hi No I have not tried them Englishgirl I had no problem with back spasms till I went and had a deep tissue massage to my back with a physcio she did a awful lot of deep pressing up and down my spine and this is what has caused them in my lower back and middle back Ice for me makes my back tighter now so it makes them worse I collapsed in pain friday night and they told me partner that he should bring me to the emergency doctors when they examined me they said my whole back has gone into severe spasms and that the only thing that should of been done of my back injury was a gentle massage not a deep tissue massage because this has aggravated the injury and made it ten times worse they gave me muscle relexers told me to keep gently walking no stretching as this is making it much worse and hot showers or baths and to go back to my doctors because it needs looking into now and I should ask my doctor for MRI as the spasms are so severe
  • Ugh! You poor thing! I'm so sorry. Do what makes you as comfortable as possible until you get to see your doc. When I'm really bad I alternate between sitting in a really hot Epsom salt bath & trying to relax with my hot water bottle. I can only imagine how angry you are that this was done to you. I've got my fingers crossed that they didn't do anything permanent. Ugh! So sorry.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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  • Thank you so much english girl my doctors going to ask them to refer for a MRI but if they refuse he going to send me to a muscleskeleter doctor he now thinks she has one aggravated the injury and the spine causing the severe muscle spasms/cramps pr trapped a nerve in my back as he told me muscle spasms after a injury are a way of the back protecting themselves as there were not there before she pressed hard up and down my spine she did this for more of the massage than anything yes hot baths help a lot so does rubbing volteral gel on every night after a hot bath do you think stress makes you back tighten up more to??I found it hard to come to terms with this I been weight training all my life since my twenties now she may have taken this away from me if it does not heal I have already spoken to a solictor about medical negligence but he says I have to wait at least a few months to see if it heals because He seems to think it will calm down and heal my back is so tight with these spasms though and its been a month since the massage this friday
  • Anxiety, stress & depression definitely effect my pain & spasms. I've read that chronic pain has physical effects on our brains, reducing gray matter & causing anxiety & depression. That's why I started with the airomatherapy, meditation, visualization, relaxation stuff. I honestly don't know how much it does for my condition but it feels good & seems to help. I have a variety of different airomatherapy blends, some to warm in a little heater & some to gently massage on. Just clearing my mind (often easier said than done) & relaxing helps me.
    I also have a prescription cream that contains lidocaine & ketamine to numb & muscle, nerve meds to reduce my pain. I love it! It's not a maracle cure. Like any med it builds up with continual use. It numbs the arthritis pain in my fingers but it's more of a long term med for my back. I know quite a few people who use it & find it very helpful.
    I've never tried anything (therapy, meds, injections etc) for the first time & thought "Wow! My pains gone! It's fantastic!". Really my first impression of everything has been "It doesn't work!". It's about finding combinations, sticking with treatments, developing a 'Blend' that gives the most relief.

    A few years ago my pain was very poorly managed & I was living with a lot of stress (new baby, new country, husband working all the time) I ended-up with terrible muscle spasms everywhere. The stress turned into depression & everything became 100 times worse! I was even diagnosed with fibromyalgia because I had every pressure point firing! I was diagnosed with every nerve/muscle syndrome available! It just became this vicious cycle of mood increasing pain & pain making my mind worse which made my pain worse. Ugh!!
    Taking control of my situation, managing my pain & my brain & getting off of all the fibro meds actually 'cured' me! Stress still makes some of my muscles flare a little but nothing like the past. Now I only suffer from 'explainable' pain with a physical underlying cause. I only have spasms around my damaged spine, joint areas. It's amazing how our minds effect our bodies isn't it?
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • Yes Englishgirl it is I am sure mine is musclular and ligaments had a x ray when first did it and my spine was fine but doctors asking for MRI as my backs gone so tight into spasms I do walk every day 30 minutes It helped heal it well before I went to the physcio I hope it does again I am so scared she has caused damage to my nerves or something in my back my friend hurt her neck went to private physcio had deep tissue massage and ended up with permanent nerve damage I am trying to be strong but it aches alot like a tooth ache pain constantly hot baths and pain meds do help though I have even contacted a solictor over this he said if he lasts longer than a few months I got a good case against her for medical Negligence the client manager gave me no compassion on the phone and said if she massaged me Id be in even more pain as she presses really hard since the massage I have found out that they should never be painful and never be done on someone who has ligaments tears and muscles tears in the back she know all this when I went my partners things it will heal but I am very scared she has hurt me very badly
  • Hello, I was doing a search regarding deep tissue massage... and I came across this.

    I am currently receiving deep tissue massage because of pain, and it has been going on for months now.

    What I can say is that - yes, it does hurt. yes pain can go from one area to another, and yes I have mobility back and lots of circulation back.

    When there is connective tissue, it makes a burning sensation, and when there is muscles tightly stuck together there is pain that can radiate all the way up to your head.

    From what you said, you did weight training. I did also... after a while, I wasn't making any gains, and I was getting fat. Turns out my muscles were completely tense and had very little blood flowing to them. My body wasn't responding to stretching either. After massage, I, at least have mobility back in my arm, shoulder and hips... my headaches are gone also (though they might have started also when he started working on my shoulder)... now we need to fix my lower back and where my ribs are.

    I can't say that I am pain free yet, but I am hoping. Last time I felt like he did something that made me feel totally different in my lower back, though most of my pain was more in my flank... but I feel like it is coming from somewhere else also. We shall see... but if you have a solution besides massage, I would love to hear it! I was curious about botox or some muscle relaxers.
  • Hello,

    I certainly feel for you. I have been going through the same thing for about 13 months. I will have severe muscle tightness in my back with spasms. I have been on flexeril, tizanidine, and mataxalone before. They relaxed me enough to sleep at night but nothing other than that. I tried epsom salt baths, they would help me sleep but I'd wake up knots. I tried physical therapy which helped me reclaim some mobility in my life and I have started going for regular jogs, which while it sounds stressfull for my already tight back muscles, it actually helps! I have refused to accept these tight bands of muscle for the long term and I have been looking for still more treatment options. I say try physical therapy and stretching; you wont feel a difference for a few weeks but afterwards you'll be glad you did. My spine specialist wants me to have an MRI before doing in trigger point injections, but were having to fight insurance. -__- If you get to have an injection, tell me how that goes. It's my last resort right now becasue I don't know what else to do. I just want someone to fix it! I have a regular masseus who I see every 2 weeks faithfully, and she helps iron out the kinks in my back. For the record, no massage should EVER be done directly on the spinal column! Dont let that bad experience ruin future massages for you. They have wonderful benefits! Best of luck to you!
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