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Forum Rules and Moderator's Communication

This seems to apply only to a few and for the most part its the newer members.

We have always stated that reading the forum rules and understanding them is one of the first things you need to do when you become a member here.

If that is done,I would venture to say about 75% of the problems we encounter would not exist!

Ok, so Member X violates forum rule Y. One of the moderators may edit the thread/post that is in violation, remove the offense and identify what forum rule it violated. When that Member X does the same thing a couple of times, we send them a warning message, again explaining what rule they violated and to refrain from continuing that type of behavior.

Member X then violates the same rule, but this time adds statements to the effect: moderators do not edit this

We then send Member X another message warning them if it continues they will be banned.

Member X does it again, and then they are banned.

Two items are problems here
  • 1. Violation of forum rules2. Ignoring moderators communication
If someone reads the forum rules then they should be posting anything that violates them. And if there is a question about the rule, they should message one of the moderators to get a better understanding.

But when a member totally ignores what a moderator is telling them, that is a big offense and that will generally get a member banned. We are not here to dish our warnings, thats the last thing we really like to do. But when there is a violator, we must act accordingly.

Tomorrow is November 1st. Lets see if we can get through this month without forum violations. With no forum violations, then there should be no need for any moderator to send out a warning.

Please help,,,, Thank you

Ron DiLauro


  • One can hope, right? You moderators do a great job and are also in pain. Your patience is admirable. Hugs to you Ron
    2015: Thoracic protrusions C7-T1, T3-4, T6-8
    Dec'13: 360FusionL4-S1 w/bone graft
    2013: 3x2-level disc injections: 12mo surgery postponement
    Dec'12: DiscogramL4-S1
    Sep/Oct'12: Bi-lateral Rhizo AblationsL4- S1
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