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Involuntary Wrist Bending

Okay, before I explain, I'm Kerry and I'm new. So please be easy on me. lol

As a teenager, I was diagnosed with Keinbock's Disease (the lunate bone lost blood supply and is dying) in my right wrist. Two years ago, I noticed in the same wrist that it involuntarily bends give a better example, when someone when mental retardation bends their wrist against their chest, that sort of thing. It also causes my middle finger to raise up every so often. So I had an MRI done, and was told I believe it was a C6-C7 cervical verterbre fusion. However, I still suffer with the wrist movement. This has caused me to have trouble writing, drawing (I'm an artist) even lifting cups without suddenly jerking and dropping them. With the Keinbock's mixed in, it's no picnic especially when trying to sleep and it bends constantly. I was wondering what treatments or whatnot I could do to actually stem the nerve, muscle, or whatever it is that's doing this. Surgery is my final option at the moment, but I totally am up for anything now.


  • jlrfryejjlrfrye ohioPosts: 1,109
    My hands and feet will curl up till it is extremely painful. Valium is the only drug we have found that prevents this for me. I have had 6 cervical surgeries and all Drs are in agreement that my spinal nerves are all on overdrive so to say. My foot acutally curled up so bad back in March that it broke my foot.
    Good luck

  • My initial thoughts however not being a medical professional was, to see a neurologist specializing in movement disorders. There is a thing called focal dystonia that affects one part of the body , and is intense muscle spasms that are involuntary. I don't know if that is what you have but is often associated with writers cramp, and people that use their arms repetitively. Another thought would be an emg to determine if there is nerve issues, is it carpal, is it something that is misfiring..... this is what I would do...Good luck
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