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I'm new to this. Desperate for help.

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I am 24 years old , and am currently in constant pain, every day.
I had a decompression surgery on my left side (L5) in February ( first surgery ever, and on my birthday..). Recovery was a pain in the butt. About 4-6 weeks after surgery I thought I felt good enough to do yard work which ended with a weekend stay in the hospital. After that got cleared up I went back to work and I felt wonderful for about two months.

Then the pain started again but, on the opposite side. So, I went back to see my surgeon, and his PA gave me a once over and prescribed me steroids, they seemed to work (although they are terrible and dry my skin out so much my face felt severely wind burned or something). A few months later I was back in his office complaining again... Steroids again. They did nothing, this was about July or August. So I dealt with the pain for months, in the beginning its not terrible all the time so I could deal, I figured my doc wouldn't do anything until I had a "real" complaint. The pain continued to get worse and worse, I was limping around work every day, no one would let me do anything, and after I had finally had enough I called my surgeon, set an appointment, had a new MRI done, and was told everything looked fine, I didn't need any surgery and he could do nothing for me (that was like a slap in the face).

He then referred me to an Orthopedic place. I went there and met a doctor I LOVE, he saw me and told me I had a herniated disc on my right side (L5, same place as before just on the right). I could not believe it!! Why would my surgeon say I was fine, and he is telling me I'm not. He asked me about my day to day, and told me I could no longer work my job because, it was physically demanding, I was a front end manager at a major retailer. So, I was on my feet all day long, with really only a 30 min lunch. Constantly lifting and so on. That sucked!! I loved my job but, I couldn't work in my condition anyway. He said if I continued to work a job like that, my back would just get worse over time. Anyway, after all that talk he wanted me to try a steroid injection to see if that helped my pain, to prolong more surgery. So, we did.. It did nothing.

I went back to the Ortho, This time to see a surgeon, My new doc was convinced I needed surgery. So, I saw this guy, DID NOT LIKE him at all. Rude, it really seemed like he didn't believe me, which makes me feel awful, who would make this crap up???!!!. Anyway, he looked at my MRI and said I have a bulging disc, compression further up my spine and severe inflammation in my SI joint. HOLY COW. So, he said he felt I had multiple sources of pain, which is why I was experiencing so much. So he wanted to do another injection but specifically for the SI joint ( I'm sure y'all know what 'SI' is, I cant spell it and my paperwork is far away...). I did it. My back felt a little better, but my right leg was still bothering me.

I had started a new job, and was only able to make one day because, the pain was so bad. I emailed my favorite Ortho Doc, and got no response so a few days later I called the after hours number for the office and got into touch with him. Told him I was still experiencing a lot of pain in my right leg from my knee down. It feels asleep, all tingling but, its not asleep. It cramps up and spasms a lot. Its hard to walk, I am always limping. My back pain is steady and just deep, I can feel through my butt and moving down my leg. Also, I can take my hand, place it on my back, and I can feel something in my lower back, its tender and it feels swollen. After, I told him all this he said he really believes I need surgery and is going to set me up an appointment at EDIT! That freaked me out but, he really seemed concerned and I think he really wants to help me.

Sorry, for this long post but, I'm just concerned if anyone else has gone through stuff like this??
I'm super concerned and can never sleep so I've been researching a lot and finally decided to give this a try.
Thanks in advance for any info you have

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  • Hello,

    I am from south east Wisconsin. I have been going over info on research studies for chronic pain. I have arthritis in my knee and ankle. But I also have sever pain in my legs. I also have herniated disks for sure at the L4,l5, s1. But they are to worried to do surgery as it might cause more pain in the end. BUT I have had nerve burns done three time in under 2 years. First time did not do so well. Second time was great till it ended at like 4-5 months and not I am waiting to finish that. But then I have arthritis in my mid back and more herniated disks in my neck. The pain down my legs are so bad. When my pain is under control I go back to working out.

    I have had countless surgeries. For things like carpel tunnel in both hands and one in my elbow for entrapment and my left leg also. The leg is because I have lost most feeling in the left leg. I was at 36 weeks pregnant with my 8 child when I lost feeling in my upper side leg. Numb and burning feeling and causes pain. That was a week before I had my baby. After I had her I got really ill from my vitamin D being low or so they think. That is when I fell a lot of times and so many down the stairs. That is when I got back pain. Shortly there after I lost feeling in my left leg by my toes. ( They did this toe pricks when I was sleeping one time as I was hospitalized for many weeks. They were so surprised that I did not scream or wake when they did it.) Because they did not know what was going on I tore both ligaments in my left ankle and hurt my left knee. I have had a nerve release in my left lower leg to try to keep some feeling back. But I hurt so bad. I go to a pain doctor. I do not sleep very well. I tell my doctor I want to try anything. After I had surgery on my left leg for the nerve and got a brace to keep my foot the right way I was working out. I was spending a lot of time with my kids. But they said my meds were to high for after surgery and I had to come down.

    I had great blood pressure till that point. But I did have a problem while I was pregnant with vomiting. Everyone thought it was being pregnant that was making me vomit. But I went from 330 lbs to 220 in under a year. I vomit a lot. I talked to my regular doctor who made sure to check everything. He is a sports medication doctor. The vomiting would only happen after I long day of doing a lot of things. When I would realize that I felt sick it was already to late. I would take my pain meds but I would vomit them up. I had a lot of test and his conclusion was my body can not handle the pain. ( This coming from a person who gave birth to a lot of kids naturally) I told my pain doctor what was going on and he told me that my regular doctor does not know what he was talking about. But just to prove my pain doctor wrong I went three days on less pain pills and did what I would normally do and I spent three days vomiting. It takes more then a week to get back to eating food again. When my surgeon was in charge of my pain meds I did great. ( I understand I will never be pain free. But I can not live like this.) I talked to my pain doctor willing to change meds. Anything not to hurt so bad. But they said that I am on a max dose and that's it. I take 90 mg morphine and oxy 10 three times a day. I function on my medication. But with this dose I am also on a muscle relaxer, and 3 150mg of Lyrica. They only thing they will do for me is change the lyrica to gabapentin and I have been on that before and it did not work.

    I really do understand I will never be pain free. But I have 8 kids I have to take care of and I can not work. I can not take them to a school thing because all I have to do is get up and be in pain and I vomit. I want help. I was walking 3-6 miles a day. I was doing work out plans right after surgery. But like I said when I had to go back to my pain doctor it went down hill and I can not do anything. He is okay with me vomiting on a regular basis. He said I could lose another 100 lbs before he would worry.

    Sleeping is a joke. If I do fall asleep its because I pass out. I mask my pain most days. But when I vomit I can not mask that. I can not even walk to the bathroom at that point. I am so weak that I have to have a vomit bag. But say I do fall asleep, I wake up crying. The other night my daughter rushed into my room trying to wake me up because I was screaming and I scared my kids. I was screaming in my sleep because I hurt so damn bad. How do I hide the pain when I sleep? The best way for me to sleep is sitting up hunched forward. I got yelled at from a doctor in the hospital for that because it restricts the heart. But if I can fall asleep without laying down in my sleep I hurt less. I sleep with ten pillows upright. But most times I wind up laying down in my sleep. But bent forward over a pillow when I sleep is the less pain I ever am in. I need help and I do not know where to go. I can not afford to pay for the back surgery I so need. I can not find a doctor who will do it. Though I have lost the weight they asked me to. I can not convenience a doctor to do anything to help me because I do not have cancer and even though my body is telling them its giving out. They do not care. The NP that I have to see to get my shots tells me I got to grow up and deal with it. And I did have someone in the room to hear it. Then the doctor who is over her said she would never say such a thing. They all agree I need surgery on my back. But I can not find a doctor with my insurance to cover it. I suffer every day and I am begging for help. Please tell me you know of a study that will help me. Or you know someone who will help me. Its not just my life any more. Its my kids who are losing out on this deal. I also have Fibromyalgia. For what it is worth. No one believes in that anyway. I also have Chiari malformations 1. I was told that its not that bad and surgery would hurt more then help. But I think its my insurance talking. I I just want help. I am doing everything asked of me.

    Thank you for your time, Know how you feel but no one helps me.

    Racine, Wi
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