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Undiagnosed leg pain

blessednlifebblessednlife Posts: 3
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I'm having horrible problems with my sacral joint and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this can cause the thigh to ache so bad I can't sleep.
Every time I tell my Dr. I have a new symptom, she blames it on "Neuropothy". I can't even find the definition of the word.
I've had allot of low back, hip and knee pain caused by "degeneration", but when my feet went numb she just blamed it on pinched nerves without doing any tests.
When I couldn't sit, no matter what I tried, due to tailbone pain she just blamed it on degeneration and pinched nerves. After 6 months of having to lay around when I was in too much pain to continue to try and keep busy (to keep my mind off my pain) she finally suggested a cortisone shot. TOTAL DISASTER!! While they were putting that long a** needle in my sacral joint, the x-ray showed an " abnormality" right where the pain is. So finally she is going to do an MRI.
Unfortunately the Pain clinic where I had the shot, recommended to her that I be taken off my Morphine. After 10 years of trying everything possible and jumping through every hoop, before we tried narcotics to be successful, all it took was someone telling her they didn't think the SR was appropriate and she's tapering me off. I'm sorry! That's a whole different subject for another time.

What I'm wondering is why my pain travels from the back of my hip down the front of my right leg. Even on the 60mg Morphine ER TID and 1200 mg of Gabapentin TID, I get no relief and can't sleep at all at night.
I already tried ice and heat. I'm running out of ways I can sleep.
Supposedly, my neck and shoulder pain are "Neuropothy". My back, hip,and knee are all " degeneration" and my numb feet and stabbing pain in left arm/breast, and leg are
supposedly pinched nerves.
Can anyone relate? and I need advice about my Dr. Does anyone have a similar experience with Drs or advice on how to deal with them?

Thank you for your time and trouble in advance. Much appreciated!!


  • I'm assuming by doc you mean GP? They're the first stop for spine pain. Most have a variety of experience. It's one of the top reasons for doc visits. Without the proper diagnostic tests I believe that ANYONE is just giving you their best educated guess. Naturopathy (nerve pain) is caused by something. What? Is VERY important to know. Nerve compression needs releasing or permanent nerve damage can occur & that's no fun. Degeneration can only been seen properly with an MRI.
    What country are you in? I'm surprised that you've had so much treatment without a proper diagnosis. In your situation I would want to see a board certified spine surgeon to do diagnostic tests & diagnose me properly. You can then be given a treatment plan. Don't be put off by the word 'surgeon' they don't actually do that much surgery. They are spine experts. GP's are not. Finding the best specialist for your condition is vital. Do you need a referral?

    There's something called a Dermatome Map (search it) it shows what bits of the spine effect what bits of the body. It's interesting. Have a look.

    Spines are very complicated & it can take a frustratingly long time to identify your pain generators & even longer to find the best blend of treatments for you. Without tests & specialists you haven't even started on that path yet! I'm sorry but you need to start properly with a different doc. ;-(
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
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    L5 S1 Herniated Disc with mild effacement of the anterior thecal sac
    Degenerative Disc Disease
    Disc Height Loss and Disc Desiccation L2 L3 and L5 S1
    Limbus Vertebra L3
    Small Hemangioma at L5 Vertebra
    I have inferior insurance and find it difficult to receive any diagnosis or treatment. Although my back pain can
    at times be severe it is nothing compared to my leg and foot pain.
    I recently had a nerve conduction test (EMG) but I fear the neurologist is not competent.( I don't mean to disparage)
    I expected little or no pain during the test, but that was not the case. I could not feel any of the
    needles that were inserted into my legs totally painless. However when the neurologist hit my feet and
    legs with the charge I yelled at the top of my lungs due to severe nerve pain. (I'm usually very tolerant)
    His conclusion was that symptoms were musculoskeletal in nature. Possibly mild peripheral neuropathy
    and lumbar related. Which is completely different than what I had been told by 2 other neurologist
    who believed I had permanent nerve damage in both legs and both feet.
    My pain is with me every single day and varies on a scale of 1-10 from 7-10 all day every day.
    I am tired of going to the ER and don't expect anyone here on this forum to help diagnose my
    condition, but am curious if others have had similar experiences.
    Any comments or replies are greatly appreciated
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