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Lower Back Sprain/ Numbness On Right Side Of Body



  • cyawccyaw Posts: 1
    edited 08/23/2015 - 3:33 AM
    this happened to me last year around march. i had the same pain in my lower back and numbness on the right side of my body. i did several mri's and did an emg test as well. nothing abnormal was found except for mild carpal tunnel in my right arm. after a few months, the pain stopped and i stopped going to the doctor. recently (in the past few weeks) the pain has started up again and i am having the same symptoms as last year. i'm not sure what's causing it and the doctors couldn't figure it out last year either.

    i am 21 years old and don't have any history of injuries or health problems.

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  • MillbillieMMillbillie Posts: 1
    edited 07/14/2015 - 9:36 AM
    wow this is frustrating. i've been having these same exact symptoms lately. i've had lower back pain for the last 10 years from an atv accident when i was 20. but just recently i've been having numbness on my entire right side of my body. i went to the dr. and he said it was possible multiple sclerosis. so i went and had neck and brain mri and they both came back normal. doctor told me lower back pain can not possibly be causing the numbness. either way not knowing what is happening is very frustrating. i have no allergies that i'm aware of. i live a healthy and active lifestyle. i have a physically demanding job. the only medication i take is prilosec for heartburn. otherwise i'm a perfectly healthy 31yo male. thus shouldn't be happening. i'm going in to the chiropractor for an adjustment tomorrow. let's hope it gives me some relief.

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  • ChellSmithCChellSmith Posts: 1
    edited 08/23/2015 - 3:32 AM
    hey this sounds like what i also have going on. i thought maybe it was a sciatic nerve issue when it first started a month ago. i am 42 and i have had "back issues" as early as age 18. it was always the muscles usually brought on by activity like the day after a softball game. i went to my family doc this time when the lower right back pain wouldn't go away and then started shooting down my tush and stopping above my knee. he thought the same thing or a herniated disc. he put me on a 9 day steroid pill to follow up with an antiflamitory. and told me if it duchy help he was young to send me in for an mri. the next week the pain wasnt as intense however three days after i finished the steroids, i started getting random numbing feelings on my right side. particularly a chill feeling on my right arm and hand, right thigh (both inside and outside of thigh), and right side of head (temple area back to above my ear. ) my range of motion is weak on my right side but my discomfort is not constant. mornings and nights are the worse. movement does help. i have also noticed that my vision sometimes has been coming and going. so i am curious, if either of you had vision issues?

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  • SadAthleteSadAthlete Toronto Ontario Posts: 36
    Wow, I have not been on here in while so it is great to see some new posts. How are you all doing?

    I went for a therapy session a month ago that reduced my neuro symptoms and tightness in my back muscle so I am very fortunate. I do still struggle daily with some nerve pain though and my lumbar in the area I got injured still feels like its not fully healed.
    Continue to suffer from alignment issue and myofasical pain in rib cage and pelvic area.
    Nerve pain and back pain are more stable these days but still get flare ups.
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