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Abbreviated text talk



  • Penny_MichiganPPenny_Michigan Posts: 2
    edited 02/19/2015 - 3:36 PM
    I just became a new member a few minutes ago.
    This was the first thread I chose to read.
    I am so happy that we are not to use text abbreviations. Now I can understand what everyone is talking about!
    "I Try To Never Give Up"
  • Hello
    I have just joined and hope no one will mind my commenting so soon, but I found this conversation quite amusing.
    I was speaking with my daughter, complaining likewise about abbreviated text speak when she said "But mam language is a living thing, a fluid ever changing thing, we don't speak the same way as we did when Shakespeare was alive, we don't even speak the way we did in the 60s' like hippies", and do you know I had never thought of it like that before, and she was right, it made me wonder what our English language will sound like in another hundred years from now.
    S. Watson.
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  • I am just happy about one thing, that I will not be here to worry about that.
  • MommawChrisMMommawChris Posts: 4
    edited 04/17/2015 - 9:12 PM
    This is my first post, and I agree with using complete words. Now I confess, I'm guilty of using the shorties communicating with my kids on a daily basis, because as adults, texting seems to be my only means of communication with them and their only known language now. Haha! I have arthritis, so am guilty of answering with a K unsteady of saying okay. I wish they would call my landline and speak with me, but since they gave me an iPhone, I guess I've lost my gripe rights. ;)

    It is nice to meet you all. My name is Crystal, but I go by Chris. I'm retired from automotive work, but when I started moving up the name Chris got more respect. Many years ago and in the south, so I had a little adversity to overcome. It worked out well for me though, being known as "The Parts Woman" by the mechanics in my town. Yet, my back and tiny frame wasn't in agreement with my hard head and did not appreciate my installing and stocking car and truck batteries as the battery specialist. I started as a cashier, but as a single Mom decided to learn all that I could and make a career of it. I got my son raised, but it made a broken woman out of me! Like those little ankle nighter dogs who think they are pit bulls I suppose. I'm paying dearly now. An off duty officer running a red light in a 3/4 ton truck as I was driving through the green light in 2000 may have been the culprit. I'm not sure. I did return to work a couple months after that blow, which did spin my spine due to my having on a seatbelt, but I only lasted until 2004 with the help of pain pills from my MD. He wanted to keep upping the dosage, but I got an appointment with a Rhumatologist who did tests and said no more lifting or standing. Me ex rays, he explained, looked as an 80 year old working man then. Now I've gained a blood disorder, says my MD and the hematologist, and my WBC stay between 15-29 so I stay tired and can't see well at all! Therefor I'll apologize now for typos and my spelling in this and future posts. I live alone, have my son and his family nearby, so my only companions are young, strong and healthy. I truly needed to communicate with others who understand.

    That was a very long introduction to what lead me here. I will be reading more than posting after this, so I wanted to say hello and let you all know who I am. I wish you all a very nice weekend. 8-)

    This thread is about using abbreviated text, members will not read it unless this is the topic they are looking for, so your introduction will not be read by most
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,080
    please stop using all the abbreviated text in threads and posts. It sometimes gets to the point where you are not sure what the person is trying to say.

    MRI - Ok, we know what that is, but here are some that are confusing
    • - mira- mria- txtt- era
    This was only from the past two days. I know typos can be a problem, especially when done from an IPhone.

    PLEASE spell it out!
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,080
    I understand what you are saying. People who are new to spinal problems, probably have no idea about some of the abbreviations

    There is a glossary online here that people could check, but how many would?

    Test (not for people who have been here a while)
    Just a few
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,080
    It is getting to the point where many posts become so difficult to read.

    Jus last nit, me and u went to the store and u came away with 2 things. I am glad u did bc I did not know how to pick out what is the best. But bro, so me where he lives and I will come with u


    Please stop. I have been asking this for several months now and some people just ignore it and go ahead and use the abbreviated text. What we might have to start doing is editing all of those posts that use abbreviated text and change those words into something we think the person meant. Do we gamble on that?
  • I so completely agree with the principles of using actual language and not this abbreviated nightmare of texting But I also have bad hand pain and cannot type well worth a damn anymore. And my sister, whom I will forgive for having given me an iphone in the first place because she also gave me a Volcano and and an Arizer Solo, has now put one of these razzafrazzing (not even english but a great cuss word) things in my hands. It changed my life once I realized I just had to poke the word itself above in the suggestion line! I have only "fooled" that speller once or twice ("mull" and something starting with an r). So It has both saved my hands AND prevented me from falling into the bad language slicing habits. Tech goes both ways, and it's especially good for finding that critical THIRD way to do things... and therein often lie the miracles -- nor my way or your way but the third way (often a combo of the first two, admittedly).
    Generic Homo Sapiens Sapiens w/40 years experience as a crash test dummy in various automobiles, with a specialty in gravity-related matters.
  • Betty65BBetty65 FloridaPosts: 83
    I don't know what the above medical abbreviations are and I've been on this site for over a year. Help?

    And is there a post about not running a paragraph into several screens of text? Sometimes I really want to read what someone has to say but just can't get through the wall of words.
  • LizLiz Posts: 9,691
    edited 06/19/2015 - 8:07 AM
    here is a link to medical a abbreviations……..

    as far as the problem with some members not using paragraphs when making posts moderators do advise members how to make a post easy for members to read and respond unfortunately we still get a few long and difficult to read posts. here is the link


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    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
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