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Herniated disc (2nd one in 8 months)

The dark donTThe dark don Posts: 6
edited 01/05/2015 - 6:25 PM in Lower Back Pain
hi everyone

my names mark i am a 34 year old male. i am coming to my wits end and need help.
i slipped my disc in the lumber region on l1 s5 8 months ago and it took that long to get better. so on the 28th of dec sitting on the sofa. i felt something again. as the day progressed my back go really stiff and as i went to sleep that evening and then woke up in the night to go to the toilet i found i could not walk. the next day was the same and my body was all twisted. i went to a physio who said i have had a back spazam. that i can deal with as it goes away within three days. now i am left with roughly the same pain i felt 8 months ago. i'm really scared it will take another 8 months to heal naturally then go again and can never break this cycle. i was ver active before these injurys, cycling, swimming playing football and working. now i am in such pain i can't even sit in a chair for five minutes. does anyone know why this may be happening and what pain killers are the best for this condition. i had an mri scan yesterday to find out what it is and am waiting for the results. i start a brand new job on monday and i'm scared i can not do the work because of this. please anyone had any similar things happen to them?

welcome to spine-health

it would be very helpful if you could provide us with more details. so many times we read about members who have different tests and they all come back negative. isolating spinal problems can almost be like the game of clue. the more clues and information you provide, the better chances in finding out what is wrong,
here are some questions that you should answer:
  • - when did this first start?- was it the result of an accident or trauma?- what doctors have you seen? (orthopedic, neurosurgeon, spine specialist, etc)- what conservative treatments have you had? which ones?- what diagnostic tests have you had? and their results (mri, ctscan, xray, emg, etc)- what medications are you currently using? (details, dosage, frequency, etc)- has surgery been discussed as an option? (if so, what kind)- is there any nerve pain/damage associated?- what is your doctor’s action plan for treating you?

providing answers to questions like this will give the member community here a better understanding
of your situation and make it easier to respond.

please take a look at our forum rules: forum rules

please remember that no one at spine-health is a formally trained medical professional.
everything that is posted here is based on personal experiences and perhaps additional research.
as such, no member is permitted to provide
  • - analysis or interpretation of any diagnostic test (ie mri, ctscan, xray, etc)- medical advice of any kind- recommendations in terms of medications, treatments, exercises, etc

what could be good for someone could spell disaster for another.
you should also consult your doctor to better understand your condition and the do’s and don’t’s.

--- ron dilauro, spine-health system moderator : 01/06/15 00:25


  • I got my results back from the MRI scan. The radiologist gives his report with it. A little frustrating as it's not written in plain English. Very technical wording describing things. To me it read I had a herniated disc again on the same spot I had 8 months ago. Also a bulge in another one that's effecting my nerve. I took it to my doctor and he looked at it. He to be honest looked confused and said it looked serious. He told me to go to A and E to see a doctor there. This was more informative as they understood the report put me under the strongest painkiller (Codeine) 2x30mg plus 50mg diclofenac 3 times a day plus the stomach protectors. They think within 5 days I should show signs of relief. They said turn up for work and give it a go on the pain killers. They said walk and kick your legs in a swimming pool that's all the excercise you should do nothing else that and working is enough while in acute phase. Acute phase is thought to be three weeks. This varys from person to person. Please people do not do bikram yoga(hot yoga) when recovering from a slipped disc I believe this contributed to this new injury I am 90% sure as I started doing it in December as advised by doctors maybe 2 years after an injury you may have sufficient Harding of the disc but I think within that your risking it again I wish they told me that when I signed up. Gentle yoga like yin and hatha may be better after 1 year with NO forward bends. Remember every injury is diffrent but this is true for me 100%. Remember to build back muscle strength only when the pain is gone say at 6months and after no sooner. Sooner could spell disaster trust me. I wish I was advised better.
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