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Almost a week now

dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
This site has been active for about a week now.
I know there have been some difficulties adjusting but overall how is everyone adjusting to the new software?
From reading different posts this is what I am seeing:

1. Need for Subscriptions
2. Need for easier navigation, so checking new posts would be easier.
3. More info in the Profiles (where do you live ,etc)
4. Easier way to view your Posts
5. Better ways to manage your in box

Does this cover the major points?

I know that the Spine-Health development team really wants to address all of the member concerns. The best way to ensure this will happen is to let us know how you feel about the new site.


  • Navigation tabs at bottom of pages and from within our inboxes.

    And what's that dang shadow behind the conversation icons?
  • Yes ...ditto on the navigation buttons on the bottom of the page!

    And somehow fix the issue with member's avatars getting stretched or compressed without seemingly rhyme or reason.

    Thanks for the hard work Ron!

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  • So far, I can not say that I find this better than what we had. It is harder to navigate, I don't get to see what time zone is attached to my profile, can't see my signature, have almost no info about my choices on profile when I view, can't find info.

    Maybe if you explained why this change is going to make things better for us, we might be better able to deal with the difficulties.

    It's like being in pain, you can stand it as long as you know it's just a matter of waiting until the meds start working, but knowing that the ones in charge don't care or refuse to help is a totally different matter all together.
  • What is the use of points?
    I get enough of the judgement in the world. This really turns me off. I sure don't need to have judgements being attached to my posts here. Perhaps if you explain what these are for and the good that this will do?

    At least I found the right time zone now.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    The reason for the change to Spine-Health was posted in many different forum topics on the old site and in several topics her. But I will gladly repeat them:

    1) The Spine-Health forum membership was growing faster and faster with membership over 10,000. The current Forum software (PunBB)
    has its limitations on the size of a member community and any load balancing (performance)

    2) The MAIN Spine-Health site, where all the articles, videos and so much more are kept was also growing. Advances have been made here to make it (my opinion only) the number one site in terms of Spinal situations.

    3) Many people look at Spine-Health as only the Forum side. In reality, that is just a portion of the entire web site.

    4) It become apparent that because of the volume of data that Spine-Health was presenting that the forum section had to be split off from the main site. This was done several months ago.

    5) The new software (Drupal) is a true Content Management System. This is the base that any large forum site moves towards. Besides all the rich functions it provides, it has the ability to go Multi-site. This is one of the MAJOR reasons for the upgrade. Having this ability could allow the patient forums to be 'replicated' over different server sites. This would then ensure load balancing and optimum

    So, the migration to Drupal was NOT to address an immediate problem, but to prepare for the future. That decision took into account, Does the change happen when WE ARE FORCED into it for technical reasos or is id done AHEAD TIME so to make sure everything is ready for when it is mandatory.

    I hope that this post addresses some of the questions you may have.

    Please NOTE: The above comments are my words ONLY and are not 100% of what the words from the Owners of this site would state. However, the meaning and rationale are similar.

    If you have any questions, always feel free to PM me, send me an email or just post away!
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    Points is just an added piece that Drupal provides.
    So far it has been a source of alot of fun for many of the members.
    The intent was never to isolate any one.
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