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spinal adhesions

Hi all. I just found this forum and am not sure where I should post this.
I think I may have adhesions on my lower thoracic and lumbar spine. There is little pain, but when bending forward or slouching I feel a tightness at 2 locations on my spine, but not when bending backward. Also, when leaning back against something or laying on my back it feels like a knot is there, but when I feel it with my hand there is nothing there. I have had chiropractic adjustments to no avail and was told that I may have to live with it. My x-ray showed nothing unusual. This condition is very limiting and I am worried at a later date pain might develop due to non-movement of the joints. I worked at a job doing very heavy lifting when this started about 6 mo. ago. I have an appointment next week for a deep tissue massage in this area to see if this would help. I have been searching the internet far and wide and haven’t found my exact problem. Just wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and what should be done to resolve it.


  • I have a little concern that the type of radiating symptoms your talking about might be more pervasive than was initially appreciated. If it were me I would at least seek out a certified MDs opinion before getting aggressive with alternative therapies. Mainly as you can experience nerve and muscle injury and not necessarily know where it is coming from ; thus, they call it referred pain. But to the matter of medication use for the pain and its layers(again an indication of a deeper problem); I found Pamelor with my neurologist to aid in migraines I had while awaiting a 3 level cervical
    anterior fusion for degeneration. Half of the numb/tingling feeling went away, and muscle spasms were tamed. It is in the antidepressive class of medications, so it helped in the kind of depression that comes from chronic pain and anxiety(over whats going on, what next?, etc..). And sleep becoming possible helped everything. Hope that you can find good medical support as you deal with this. Best of luck.

    Colleen P
    Colleen Pummer
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