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Chronic Pain/Soft Tissue Damage

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Car accident December 2012. Diagnosed with sprained back/ neck/ whiplash. Begin Massage Therapy & Acupuncture immediately 1x' week. Became Pregnant March 2013 and was diagnosed with a pelvic upslip in early summer - massage and acupuncture were not really helping accident neck and back issues so switched to physiotherapy exclusively 1x week as of August 2013.

Had baby December 2013 (took brief PT break until January 2014/ recovered from c-section) - started back up with physiotherapy, and going back to the gym.

Prior to the accident I led a very active lifestyle. I lifted weights, and ran. I was very athletic and very health conscious. So returning to the gym, and working my way back to running a 5km route, and lifting weight 3-4 times a week was a normal routine as this was my second time recovering from a pregnancy - this was my second child.

I noticed that through my second pregnancy I had a lot more ached and pains through my neck, back and hips but I was not sure if it was due to the fact that I had my first pregnancy just a year prior. After having my son I was hopeful that my body would heal and things would soon feel normal however as the months progressed and the harder I tried to recover, the more and more pain I continued to feel - and now, I seem to feel like i've hit rock bottom.

My body aches so badly that I am in tears most of the time. My neck is stiff, and has such tender spots all through it. It has horrible spasms that shoot through it and the only way I can describe it is like i am being electrocuted, but no one seems so understand what I am talking about. Turning it, bending, and twisting is limited.

The worst, at this moment is the thoracic aching that is just so deep. It is worse if I bend forward (cooking, typing, picking up kids, sweeping, throwing out garbage, even sitting - it seems to be about 8-% of the things I have on my daily list. It’s like an ache when you have the flu, but worse - it’s deeper, and my bones hurt to be pressed. This also carries around into my ribs (these bones are attached into the front).
It is horrible to sit (driving), or stand for longer. Its just the worse feeling/ deep horrible ache.
I feel like I want to take a hammer and just hit my back - or punch it. I can't describe the way it hurts. I have a hard time standing in one spot (my lower back hurt and feels compressed), its much better if I keep moving. I have pain that seems to radiate into my arms, fingertips and legs too. I have tingling in my fingertips and top of my head. I am depressed from this constant pain.

I have been pregnant, or breastfeeding for most of this ordeal, so medication was only introduced for the past 6 months. Tylenol, and the basics such as robaxacet, aleve and other otc meds seem to not work on me. I tried hydromorph (my husband was on this from the same accident) and it made me throw up for 6 hours. I was put on antidepressants because the dr. thought this would help me with the pain - Paxil made me feel like I couldn't breath, and wellbutrin made me throw up due to ocular migraines (about 10 out of the 14 days I was on it). Then onto Lyrica (a different "type" of med) which made me gain nearly 15 pounds in 1 week and I went back and asked to be put on something else that would not effect my weight. I am now on topamax - which, if any of you are on this medication, know that it causes a lot of mental confusion... and I am still in pain.

On top of these prescriptions I am currently doing :
kinesiology 2x's week
physiotherapy 1x'week
counselling 1x’week
I was doing chiropractor from October 2014, however I felt that it was aggravating my thoracic ad hip areas. I felt that after ten sessions one of those two areas “should” have been feeling a little better and they weren’t, so i’ve stopped for now.

In the past I tried floating- and that was a wonderful experience, but because I am in such an uptight state it really did no benefit - I need to work on my mental state immensely.

at home every day: foam rolling, trigger point ball, topical compound ointment (diclofenac & amytriptylline) 2x's day, a535 rub, biofreeze ointment, epsom salt baths, heating pad

This is probably not all of it - I am lucky if I can remember things these days. This medication really makes me forget a lot of things. I do try to keep a pain diary because i've tried to see if I can see relation between daily activities and pain, but so far it hasn't helped.

My dr. only says that this is soft tissue damage. I have had X-rays, but they have shown up "normal". I have been referred to a chronic pain specialist, but will have to wait up to 6 months to get in to see him. I am very thankful for this, but I can't help but feel a little bit upset - I really want to know what the root cause of this problem is - I want to know what the reason is that makes my body hurt and feel pain like this. I want to be fixed. I want to run again - I want to have my life back. I feel like my children are suffering for this - they have missed out on so many trips to the park and walks outside in the stroller because of the way I physically and emotionally feel all the time, and its so unfair to them.

My councillor has told me to look past the pain. To accept in and work through it so that I can build a life, with it, instead of resisting it. When I talk to her it makes sense, but wththe way I feel - I feel that I have been feeling near the stages of a mental breakdown for quite some tie because I am physically pushing myself beyond what I am physically capable at the moment. I do understand her point, but I think that if I had a little bit of relieve, such as a pain killer, or a few, that it would really help to change things - i have non. Topamax is more of a long term medicine and it is my understanding that it takes a while to work, it is not the same as taking a prescription that will work right now.

Im not sure what I am really looking for by posting on here - not sure at all .... but just thought maybe it might help to write this out and see if anyone can relate.



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  • Lyrica has saved me from being electrocuted day to day, combined with burning sensations..... It is my nerve pain saviour. I think that if weight gain is going to be your primary concern, you may want to just deal with the nerve pain without pain meds. Unfortunately, most carry that weight gain symptom. I have put on some weight, but have managed to counter that weight gain by watching what I eat via an app on my phone called "myfitnesspal." It works absolute wonders.

    There are also medications that do come with symptoms that affect memory, concentration, focus, etc,... When the accident happened, did they find any type of brain injury? If not, I'm willing to bet that you can certainly pinpoint a medication as to the reason for your memory woes.

    I don't want to scare you, but in my opinion, I believe that you have an undiagnosed problem on your hands here. You need to relay these concerns to your Doctor and follow up with an MRI just to make sure. Just because an Xray doesn't show anything, doesn't mean that there isn't a problem. I'm no Doctor, but the symptoms you describe point to something more sinister than a "soft tissue" injury. Perhaps the pregnancy has played a factor; perhaps not. Perhaps the injury from the accident has progressed; perhaps not. It's all conjecture at this stage. You need to figure out what is going on and I believe that an an MRI is the next step. Don't delay. Do NOT take "no" for an answer. This is your life. Take control and demand answers. Of course, do so in an assertive manner. Don't wear your emotions on your sleeve as Doctors do NOT like drama!

    With respect to the mental side of it all, we are no strangers to this. I personally have held hands with lonely and it has often been my friend. I'm sure I speak for everyone on spine-health. When feeling down, u need to deflect. Force yourself to do something, even if you have physical limitations. The answer is to get up and do something about it. Do not sit at home and suffer. Doing nothing is not an option. Your quality of life hangs in the balance. When you get a chance to see a pain Doctor, the chances of some pain med relief WILL come. Call to see if there are any cancellations. Put yourself on that cancellation list if you can. the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In the meantime, hang tough and keep the faith as hope sometimes is all we have....And know that you have come to the right place. We are here to help as much as we can. I personally will help you if you reach out to me..... Read my profile if you are curious as to what I've been through.

    Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up and get out in that stormy weather of the real world and kick fear right in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes and walk right through it into the storm. Because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore.


    Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up & get out in that stormy weather of the real world & kick fear in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes & walk right through it into the storm; because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore
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  • Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up and get out in that stormy weather of the real world and kick fear right in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes and walk right through it into the storm. Because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore.


    I am turning 66 the end of this month if I make it....The above paragraph is possibly the most PROLIFIC statement I have EVER read or seen on any forum or in any clinic, or just plain anywhere. It should be the mantra for us ALL. It is succinctly said and as accurate as the bullets that found me in war. Right on target and most likely the best medicine we will EVER find on our journey through pain, truth be told....
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  • Wishing you all the best on your road to recovery....


    Realize that FEAR is our worst enemy. Get up & get out in that stormy weather of the real world & kick fear in the teeth. Stare at it dead in the eyes & walk right through it into the storm; because once you're wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore
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