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Neck Pain and Dizziness; Please help.

TarheelMom04TTarheelMom04 Posts: 1
edited 02/26/2015 - 6:23 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I just turned 45 yrs old, and I have been having pain in my neck for a couple months now, not that bad (almost like a stiff neck). I have had lower back problems and have had surgery on it several years ago. But this is something new. My hands will go numb at times, especially if I hold them above my chest area.....cant even drive my car because I cant hold onto the steering wheel without my hands going numb (almost like they are falling asleep). This has been happening for about a year or so now. The neck pain has now, over the past week or two, gotten so much worse. The pain is sharp, burning and constant. The pain goes from my neck into my shoulder blade area on my back, and hurts really bad. Now the last few days, I am getting dizzy just out of the blue. dont even have to move and I will get very dizzy and lightheaded. There is no nausea, just pain in neck and dizzy. Can someone please tell me whats going on?? I have X-Rays scheduled in about 2 weeks for my neck, but should I be concerned?
Thanks so much
Christy W.


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  • Sorry your in pain! Welcome to the group :) cervical problem are tough. There are so many different issue for your symptoms. It could be muscles, arthritis, shoulder problems etc. no 2 people are the same. You and I could have the same symptoms and have totally different problems. IS there anything that you do before you notice your pain? Hopefully your doctor can clarify after your X-rays.
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  • Anything that causes numbness or pain shouldn't be ignored. I'm sure your xrays will answer some questions. If they don't, proceed with an MRI. In the meantime, don't lose your mind over it. Deal with it as it comes.

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  • Your arm issues sound like Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Your neck issues sound like a herniated disc. As well as X-rays I would suggest an MRI of your neck. I have a herniated disc at C4/5/5, C5/6 and I get the sharp stabbing pain in my neck and burning in my shoulder blade. With Thoracic Outlet syndrome if you place your hands and arms over your head and they go numb pretty quickly, then you most likely have that.
  • I know this was from 2015. But did you ever find out whats wrong cause i am having the same exact symptoms...  

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