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Harrington Rods

CorbyCCorby Posts: 2
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Hi, I had harrington rods put into my back in 1982 at age 7 and other than aches and pains when i walk i've never had any problems. Since last October i've had muscle weakness predominantly in my left leg and thigh, with a deep nerve type pain through my left foot right up to my backside. i thought it could be sciatica but its not a shooting pain, and now I've also started to experience muscle weakness in my left arm and hand. Also experiencing some twitching when i'm resting. it's really horrible and i'm taking 1 x 300mg Neuronitin to ease the pain. my life is now on hold. i'm waiting for an MRI but in the meantime i wondered if anyone had any idea what the problem could be? i'm concerned because its legs and arms. Best wishes x


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  • I would recommend seeing a good DO--one who practices osteopathic manual therapy (not all DOs do). I've had CD instrumentation in my back since 1997 (I was 12), and this, along with the misalignment of my musculature that went with scoliosis, caused me untold pain and mobility issues later in life (I am 31 now). I was really going downhill as far as pain and health were concerned until I began seeing a DO and getting regular manual adjustments. These have decreased my pain and tinnitus, and I can now move my neck and arms again, (they were all but frozen in place) and walk at a normal pace.

    I encourage you to do research on DOs in your area, find a doctor who listens to you, and never give up until you find a diagnosis and treatment that resonates with what you are feeling in your own body.

    If anyone has information regarding rod removal surgery, I would be most appreciative to hear it.

    Best of Luck.
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  • This is very interesting as my current pain management doc is actually a DO, but she's a neurologist DO. I've had three Scoliosis surgeries - number one the surgeon made a mistake, so had number 2, fused T2-L3 and left in chronic pain from 1987 age 21. Had complete hardware removal surgery in 1997. Highly recommend the hardware removal to everyone. I do want to inform all you younger Scoli surgery patients that long fusions cause degeneration below and above the fusions. Meaning that the long fusions put stress on the lower, un-fused areas of the spine. Many Scoliosis surgery patients end up having to have further fusion surgery, usually to the sacrum. This is the case with me. I am dreading it, but I can barely walk now because my spine is crumbling at the bottom under the weight of my long fusion. When I was younger, manual therapy could sometimes help me to feel better. But now, at age 50, I'm almost in a wheel chair unless I get fused to the sacrum. I had NO idea I would ever have to have more surgery. I encourage everyone who's younger to get into physical therapy right away to do everything possible to not put strain on your un-fused areas lest you wind up like me. Best wishes and good luck to all of you. Private message me if you want more info on this or hardware removal.
  • Hello everybody i'm a 49 yr old male. had my scoliosis surgery 1 day after my 18th birthday. I have Thoracolumbar scoliosis from my shoulders to my hips. my upper back was at a 75 degree angle lower back was at a 45 degree angle left shoulder was 15 % lower than my right. I was also hunched over. I had 6 months to live because of the severity of my curves. so i had the operation. now i'm at upper back 45 degrees and lower back 25 degrees left shoulder only slightly higher than before. My recovery time was confined to a bed for 1 year. able to walk for dinner time/make my own plate and to doctor visits weekly. For the last 3 years i'm experiencing new pain. and sever neck pain. i meet with two different doctors in 1 week. my question is has anyone with scoliosis similar to mine or the same had the operation recently and how was your recovery time.

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