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Doctor Suspects a Thoracic Disc Inury

DeathRabbitDDeathRabbit Posts: 1
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Hi all! I'm a 28 year old male, and I have developed some troubling symptoms that my doctor is trying to pin down. It started back in mid January, when I noticed that my left underarm and left part of my groin became numb with a strange aching feeling. Troubled, I went to see my GP, after it persisted for two weeks and began to spread to my right arm. GP ran a bunch of blood tests to check thyroid, B12, and basic metabolic stuff. She also ordered an x-ray of my cervical spine. Everything came back negative, so she put me on Elavil for the neuralgia and told me to come back and see her in a few months if the issues persisted.

Seeing as the x-ray had been negative, I figured it was probably safe to go back to weight lifting and cardio training, because my sedentary job requires me to do a lot of exercise in my downtime to avoid becoming a blimp. I'm still about 25lbs over weight, but I'm 80lbs lighter than I used to be, and I'm trying pretty hard to keep it that way. So after about a week or so of being back on my exercise regimen, I began to feel a tingling electric sensation between my shoulder blades. Once again, I stopped weight lifting, because I've given myself back strain on the benchpress in the past, so I decided I'd be safe and just do cardio for a while. The electrical sensation remained for about a week until last Friday, when I did a pretty brutal cardio session. As soon as I got off the treadmill and had a moment to catch my breath, I realized my entire midback between my shoulders felt like it was on fire. It's remained that way ever since to some degree. It just feels like band of numbnessness, tension and electrical burning right through the thoracic area of my back. Additionally, my right arm now twinges almost every time I go to grab something with it, and my left foot has started going partially numb at random, which has almost cause me to trip several times.

So back to the doctor I went, and she gave me a prescription NSAID on top of the Elavil and has ordered an X-Ray of my thoracic spine. She seems to think there's a possibility of a bulging disc somewhere there that is pressing against the nerves and causing all my issues. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to tell my story, and see if anyone else on the forum here had ever had a similar experience. Thanks for reading my rant!



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