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Thoriasic Disc Bulge/Herniation???

Xtine000XXtine000 Posts: 4
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Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and I haven't been to the Doctor yet about my back problem. I wanted to ask for an opinion on if my back pain could be coming from a Thorasic Disc Herniation or Bulging Disc.

In 2010 I was dancing at a nightclub where I was working as a promoter and DJ. I felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back on the right side, right next to my spine. It didn't go away but bothered me when I would drive my car for long distances. I read online that it could be a herniation but that small herniations get reabsorbed and I shouldn't worry. In a few weeks, the pain stopped so I assumed the herniation, if it was one, had gotten reabsorbed and that was that.

I moved in 2012 and lifted heavy furniture, then again in 2013. Spring of 2013, in March, I began to have the strangest heart palpitations. I was terrified and went to the ER about 8 times to try to figure out what was causing them. No doctor could "get it", they would turn me away saying I had "anxiety" because my bloodwork was fine. I assumed the palpitation was coming from my apartment which a lot of pesticide had been sprayed in, due to an earlier infestation just before I moved in. I moved.

I continued to have strange heart palpitations/chest spasms that came and went, and back pain in the same area, mid right back. My right leg had also had problems working for a short time that same Spring of 2013 after I lifted and carried a heavy sound system, and no doctor or my chiro could tell me where the inflammation was coming from that was pinching off my nerve. Just that I have level 2 spondylolysthesis at L5/S1 due to a congenital transverse vertebrae that narrows the canal my nerve passes through and I likely pinched it. The leg paralysis away after about 2 weeks and scared the living daylights out of me.

I moved to 2 more places to live in NYC. I kept on having back pain but did not associate the back pain with the recurring palpitations in my chest, which grew better and disappeared for months on end but didn't disappear completely to my dismay. Finally, I decided to move far out from the city in an attempt to get a cleaner living environment and less pressure. I accepted driving an hour and a half to get to the city where i work, in exchange for peace of mind at home, clean air etc.

Now my driving time increased to and hour and a half each way, 3 times a week for a total of 9 hours driving time each week. My back pain increased gradually until I was being woken up in the morning with a nasty stabbing back pain in my mid back. Sometimes I can't continue sleeping due to the pain. I also started having "shock" feelings in my ribs on the right side reaching around to the front, and a stabbing pain sensation in my stomach sometimes. Driving has become really painful to that same location. I knew something was very wrong when I spent the night at my friend's house and I woke up 2 hours too early and had to ice my back, because it hurt so much I couldn't sleep. All the driving has irritated whatever is wrong there.

I suspect a herniated disc on the right side probably around T-8. Oh, and the palpitation is back. In a way I'm almost glad because now I see what the palpitation was really being caused by - I was told that it was anything from too much mercury in my system , to pesticide and pollution, to eating bad foods. I went crazy trying to figure out where the palpitation was coming from, and even wore a halter monitor for 24 hours last Spring to try to catch it (never did).

Here are my symptoms:

1) scary chest spasms or heart palpitations
2) sharp pain in my mid right back that wakes me up in the morning if I've been in the car a lot the previous day and is persistent though out the day, and gets almost intolerable when I drive
3) shock feelings that wrap around my ribs/mid back on the right side
4) interferes with sexual relations, I either get chest spasms/palpitaions if I'm lying on my back, or pain that is distracting from what is going on if I am in the upright position.
5) sharp pain in my stomach

Is this a herniated Thorasic disc?


How long will it take to heal, and will it go away completely?

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for your replies :)



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  • Ok thanks Liz, I didn't know you couldn't ask opinions here. I will send a private message.
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  • Hey, I looked at a map of the spine and I made a mistake, my pain is actually coming from either T11 or T12. I hope that makes it better/makes a difference.
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