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Just needed to talk hope okay maybe someone will undestand

collma1234ccollma1234 Posts: 1
edited 03/15/2015 - 8:10 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi There, I'm not only suffering from fibro but various other issues, I have something bad going on in my spine and drs taking forever to get on the ball. I have mri proof, I can explain what some of it says too. I feel that stuff needs attention, Already have had 2 back surgeries, I cope with spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis and since my neck surgery July of 2014. it seems My left leg/foot/buttock is a constant serious bad nightmare, no meds are helping, I pray my upcoming neurosurgeon appt this month will be open to getting on the ball with this. I'm not living happy but plugging along not sure how. walking is getting worse but not going to use my cane yet .. I'm stubborn to walk till I fall... it's there but I'm trying to get drs to help I don't want to give up walking but it's killing me now to walk, I get on my ebike too, I'm trying hard to not give up, it's to where you almost want to go in and operate on yourself! I need relief.... Just wondering if anyone has had drs be slow to attention but I do understand they have a caseload and emergencies have to come forward, they cancelled a recent appt now I'm waiting longer. My leg burns constantly, numbness is in buttock constantly and hurts, I'm more awake than asleep.
On top of my left leg/buttock/foot, my hands are numb everyday I wake up, the outer 2fingers on both hands go numb for many hours till I get up and move around, I had surgery on c5-c6,
went to pain dr says it now sounds like c7 c8 acting up., possibly my neck is a mess on top of my back. Sometimes the right side of my face goes numb, neurologist are slow to help too, I feel so ignored and invisible at times, I have arthritis, degenerative disease of which I know this isn't helping at all, Sorry just wanted to talk to someone and some insight from someone that understands what I'm trying to say. Write anytime. Thank You.


  • arabianhorseloveraarabianhorselover U.P. of MichiganPosts: 27
    edited 03/25/2015 - 4:13 AM
    Hi. Just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are having so many problems. Don't know what else to say except to hang in there. This too shall pass. Nothing stays the same.

  • Been there, done that. The fine medical profession, at times, can seem self serving and painfully slow. Even if you do get sliced and diced, there is a chance that their digging around may not solve it.

    I would start looking for a good pain specialist.
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