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Has anyone had/having cervical spine surgery?

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:19 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I am having cervical spine (microdiscectomy and fusion C4,5,6) next week and am becoming very frightened. Can anyone tell me what to expect?


  • I had a cervial fusion last year in September. As far as what to expect I remember waking up with not very much pain at all. I also had a drainage tube coming from the bandage on my neck. Some ppl have a sore throat after surgery, I didnt until after I got home. I was only in the hospital overnight and when I went home they sent me home with a soft collar to wear for awhile for extra support when I needed it. Eating was a pain cause I was hungry but couldnt swallow hardly anything. For a few days you'll have to stick to softer foods and remember...small bites. (I choked on scrambled eggs even)

    Best of luck on your surgery :)
  • I had a C5-C7 cervical fusion in Jan. of 2007. I worried like crazy beforehand like you wouldnt believe. It was much easier than i expected. My Dr. didnt have me wear a collar, which was GREAT as far as I was concerned. I actually had it on a Thurs. and my husband went out of town the following Monday and I managed OK. The pain was much less than I expected. I have to say that I was and AM very glad i did it because I am much better now. My back is a disaster nowadays, but my neck is better. The neck pain was way worse before that fusion. The main limitation I have now is I cannot hold my head back for any length of time. It is really uncomfortable. But I do side to side very well. Get some straws for post-surgery. They helped a lot. My scar freaked me out. It was 2 inches across. I has faded already almost 100%. So dont panic about the scar!
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  • Thanks for responding, long were you off of work? My NS says soft collar for 2 weeks and then can start back when collar comes off......I want to go back sooner but he said no. I am also avid tennis and golfer....he said I could return to those activities in 6 weeks.....does that sound right? Gosh I hope so. I just want to get back to normal.
  • Wow, I can see how all doctors are different. I guess it depends also on the amount of work they do while in there also. I had a 2 level anterior fusion Feb 2006 with plate and screws, also had a lot of bone spurs removed C5-7. I had to wear hard collar 2 weeks, pick up nothing heavier than a cell phone! Then graduated to soft collar i believe it was another 2 weeks. the worst pain I remember was just weaning myself off the collars! Then my weight limit was a gallon of milk and gradually increased. I was cleared to return to work at about 9 weeks but opted for the extra 3 so I could enjoy myself (and NS approved)!! I do alot of physical work as I am an xray tech in a trauma hospital. Bottom line depends on the NS I guess. Also it was the best decision I ever made!!
  • I am also having lower back spine surgery and I am worry because I am diabetic. I dont know how to face this. Can someone help me ?
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