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Ok everyone hit me up!!!

Ive been on this forum for a few months now told my horror story. Now my spiney surgical friends I'm reaching out for answers and I understand these are your personal experiences and everyone is different...But I kinda gone into a middle of a tornado with running tests and dr scratching heads to a diskogram and then following up with either a 2 level fusion or 1 level surgeon feels confident this test will give us the answers we are looking for but its all happening so fast and I'm sure we will have one more office visit after the diskogram or maybe even just a follow up call because the 2 drs are not in the same practice one is on staff and head of neuro and one scheduling is my spine surgeon who did my original micro that I guess we are now saying "failed"....anyway heres what I need....I read the "must haves" list....I am a bit OCD and anal so it was informative but I'm good on that....(and I'm freaked about the diskogram) but I had thyroid fine needle biopsies so I guess I should get over this but I'm not....anyway... I am an average height in good shape aside from the back issue in good health otherwise as well...

I WANT from anyone having had this give me (as personal as you want to get) Mine is either --L4-L5, or L4-L5 w L5-S1fusion...and I believe they are going in thru the back...mentioned the side but i'd rather not...

Surgery....I had a great anesthesiologist from micro...never had the nausea....(which I ALWAYS do after surgeries) not this time.. I was up and walking an hour after that but that was same day no instrumentation...they gave me a patch to help behind the ear lasted 3 days got me thru the meds nausea as well.... what freaked me out was the goop they put over your eyes..I woke up couldn't see...eyes still aren't the same vision sucks now...DID NOT LIKE THAT!!

How long did surgery take?

Recovery....what to expect, how soon do they have you walking???...How long do you "generally' need to stay??

Are you on diet restrictions?

Will I need a shell?

What about a cane or walker? My house only has stairs to bedroom but just bought a new recliner with a table to be next to me.

Showering??? How long before I can??
I have a bathroom on first fl where recliner is, but I have a bear claw tub/ with a removable shower head. I was seriously considering getting a low lying (like and under the bed storage plastic container) so I can step in and out of that easily. With the micro they had me NO SHOWER 3 days...But after I used a step stool and but if fused at all I'm not sure it will be that easy??

How long did you feel you needed someone there? I know everyone is different I've read on here all kinds of "up in 2 days" and the not so positive. But I have 2 (almost 2 in age beabulls) so I'm not walking them as I do now because they are still young and pull when they hear a leaf fall...

I am no stranger to surgery as I mentioned the failed microdisectomy, but also 3 s sections, thyroidectomy for thyroid cancer, Mohs surgery for skin cancer, hysterectomy(turned out not cancer) ...

I don't have much family close or friends close so should I fly someone in? My husband will be here but this is his busy time of year and His office is close but his truck is more of his office since his job has him on the road alot. I have 3 adult children that all work crazy hours I am not a "sit and relax" personality...

Its good its getting warmer...well eventually...but for the past year I've been in yogas and loose clothes and slip on slippers so I'll have loose shorts, shirts and flip flops....

Thank you everyone feel free to add what I may have over looked...again I know everyones situation is unique we all heal, or not at different rates, levels, time, I'm of course going to speak with the surgeon, but they are NOT the ones having it and probably haven't had it so they just tell you what is standard for every patient having "this surgery"... I want "real" not too much tho lol I still need to go thru with it LOL....

This can't be happening


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    so much depends on the individual. It is so important to know the exact situation about a patient, everything else is general. But that might be enough for you.

    One of the best resources for this is in the hospital itself. Any time I have had surgery, between the Case manager, In-house Physical Therapist, the Nurse time, the Doctor's team, I was given all of that information. It was detailed enough so that when I went home, not only was I prepared (things to get in advance), but knew what to expect and followed that.

    I would say that the one thing that is important is having someone to help. Doing any spinal recovery, no matter how small is difficult, by youself it can become impossible. The simple things ( such as reaching for the phone ) can be nearly impossible.

    For example, right now I am 3+ weeks out from my Achilles reconstructive surgery. I have been in a non-weight bearing situation since the surgery. I am now in a boot, that allows me to stand using a walking and taking a few steps. Without help, I would not have been able to shower, get dressed and many other things.

    But that is not all the time. My wife works, so she will be out for 4+ hours at a time. I have the phone right next to me and always plan in advance what is needed before she is off to work. On days she needs to work longer, I have several neighbors that with a simple phone call will stop by to see if they can help.

    So, to me the biggest thing is being prepared. One thing so many people overlook, is their medications. Many surgeons plan on a 4 week supply of pain medications (a lot depends on the actual surgery ). After that, pain management is turned back over to your pain management doctor or who ever was handling it before. Make sure they are aware of this, so that when you prescription from the surgeon is about to run out, you are ready for you new prescription.

    Utilizes the case manager at the hospital.. So many people don't even know about this, but there is one assigned to every patient in every hospital in every state. Talk to them
  • DiLauro (Ron). I tend to be an over thinker but this is a world I am new to. I am very nervous however, my outcomes from most the treatments and surgery haven't been good which has had me out of work over 10 months. So I figured as you said being prepared is just the best I can do to be distracted and hope this discogram will not be as bad as I have worked it up in my head, and that it gives us the least amount of surgery needed...1 fusion instead of 2...and that the end result is aches and not pain....fingers crossed.

    So anyone else with added info that DiLauro has shared ...send away... this to is a good distraction. Keeping up with fellow spine issues and surgeries..

    This can't be happening
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  • JUst had L4-S1 PLIF on April 13th..You're welcome to PM me
    96-Right disc frag L4-L5 disco-On/off back pain,no leg pain/2007-Right herniation L5-S1 unbearable leg pain/08 L5-S1 discectomy /leg pain relieved/14-chronic LBP,rhizo relieves facet pain on right side/15-L4-S1 collapsed,facets shot,PLIF scheduled 4/13/15
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