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Atlas subluxation scary symptoms

MerileeMMerilee Posts: 1
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I am a 24 year old female. I have always been very healthy, all organic foods, take vitamin supplements, go hiking. Last year I was in two rear ended car accidents pretty much back to back. Six months later I started having this weird brain fog feeling. Dizziness and neck pain and low back pain. The pain was bearable but not the brain fog. It has progressively gotten worse. Other symptoms began to emerge a few months ago including a very heavy sort of weakness that spreads through my entire body, tingling feet, brain fog like I can't think, and dizziness. Not vertigo. I was given a ct scan last month and diagnosed with reversal of the cervical curve. After the diagnosis, I began going to an upper cervical specialist who took very detailed images of my neck and showed me my X-rays and told me I have atlas subluxation. He said that is what is causing my brain fog. He said my brain is only functioning at 30-40 percent because my neck and spine is tilted and therefore putting immense pressure on my brain stem and cutting off some of my blood supply and glucose that my brain needs. He said that it is pretty severe but he has seen worse. He said that since I am young he expects me to be able to bounce back after a few adjustments. He is an amazing doctor and not at all a chiropractor. He does not crack my neck at all but he presses on my atlas and tries to rotate it bAck to the correct position. I saw the X-rays myself and they do not look like a normal neck X-ray at all. The first time he adjusted me I was immediately better. No more brain fog or weakness. This lasted two days. He adjusted me again four days later and I did not feel better. I feel the same. Intense brain fog, so weak I can barely get out of bed. I have lost jobs because of this and can't even walk around the store without feeling like I am going to pass out. Blood work is normal. Ct scan and MRI of brain is normal. The upper cervical specialist says the atlas subluxation is making me feel this way. Is that true? I am very scared and worried about my deteriorating health. Please some insight. Anyone.

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  • adfb007aadfb007 Posts: 1
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    hi there!
    im so sorry! i was just researching on atlas/axis sublimation instability and saw your forum. i have suffered with the same thing for as long as i could remember. im 27 now and happy to say after countless, hopeless years i am on way to recovery and can see the finish line. i actually had a reverse curve of 12 degrees and did traction exercises for 4 months diligently and put 36 degrees on my neck to a positive 24 degrees. ideally the neck should be positive 30-40 degrees i believe.. so i still have some to go. but such a spinal deformity can cause millions of problems, for me and it sounds like for you.. it caused a complete lack to think or concentrate = brain fog. brain fog doesnt even began to explain the feeling. i don't know about you, but i had vision problems, i even thought it was my vision years back and took vision therapy, i went so many routes for help and invested much money. finally after years of it getting worse, i was lost in depression and anxiety and was ready to give up.. very suicidal. i had no idea what was wrong with me. it wasn't anything people could visually see, nor understand, so it wasn't credible and i felt so alone, because all i ever heard was "but you look fine". now i am a fighter, and was so scared to lose my dignity and become a failure in life, so i couldn't for the life of me let it take over me. so after loosing my marriage over his usableness to understand and my usableness to try anymore, i enrolled into massage therapy school, wanting a fast way to learn about the body and maybe understand what was happening to me. i spent 9 months in school. i learned a lot and could understand my anatomy and think in sink with my anatomy. its been about 1.5 years since i finished. i finally could tell it was in my head, the back of my head to be precise. it was so hard to trigger point where my misery stemmed from, i hurt everywhere, was so tired and fatigued and felt so backwards and twisted. i went to a chiropractor who specialized in upper spine treatment. he did 3 x-rays of my neck. thats where i found out about my negative 12 degree cervical spine. he ordered me equipment totalling to a whole 90 dollars and i was on my own to either make it work and be diligent and put the work in or like many unfortunately hardly touch it and give up. well, seriously giving up was not an option, it was really surviving or dying for me. i could no longer live in the condition i was in. anyways, i have done years of research and have experienced this hell the body can be if not treated and taken extremely serious. spinal reversal or kyphosis can cause so many problems to the point of leaving a person hopeless. the axis and atlas can be severely misplaced causing it to be that much worse and unable to figure out where your head and body belong in space. oh, i forgot to mention that i also went to a doctor like you... nucca specialist.. he did find lots of issues with my c1-c2 and i entertained his help a few months, but unfortunately never experienced relief or change. you see, fascia controls your body. you must develop new movement and retrain the neck and mind to slowly adapt to a new position. fascia will then melt away and allow the muscles keeping you reversed to slowly release and very slowly change happens. i strongly urge you to find your way through this and i would love to help if you would like. i have a strong testimony and a stronger passion to help others suffering with this condition. look forward to hearing back from you!

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  • Hi guys i am Now going on 7 years with Please send me as much information on any doctors that have helped. Im so done feeling Like This Please help 
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  • DASmith1DDASmith1 Houston, TXPosts: 4
    Any updates? I am dealing with Atlas Sublaxation (3 weeks old). I'm seeing upper cervical specialist who has done one adjustment and two cranial sessions. Bad symptoms after the atlas adjustment in muscle soreness, body tiredness, muscle spasms, nervous system going crazy, increase heart rate every now and then. That lasted two days. After cranial work extreme headache the second time around and minor csf leakage from the ears (lasted 2 days). I also walked around the store for an hour and by the end my hear was racing. I have had non stop sweaty feet and palms. I hope I'm on the road to getting better. I'm only 26. 
  • wyclf1wwyclf1 Posts: 2
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    Hi, I just got done with 3 months of treatment for my atlas subluxation. I originally went to the chiro for TMJ discomfort after doing testing and xrays it was determined my atlas was misaligned and has been for some time. I am in the US and I don't know of anyone here who manually sets an atlas, that would scare me to death. My upper cervical chiro has a machine that sets it. Once I had mine reset and then xrayed to make sure it was in the correct position I had immediate relief from anxiety, depression, OCD, rapid heart beat, jaw soreness, it was incredible. This was the best money I ever spent, I've been on anti deppresants for over 12 years after having a panic attack and now I don't need them anymore. I finally feel normal again.
  • Gabby, are you in the US?
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  • wyclf1, what type of doctor did you go see? what procedure did you have done? 
  • I have the same exact problem and symptoms you do. I saw a maximize living doctor, he discovered my reverse cervical curve. After knowing where my problem is he adjusted my neck, goal was to bring the curvature back to normal. My fogginess went away. My atlas is sometimes off due to my reverse curve. 
  • ctk1215cctk1215 Canada bc Posts: 1
    Might be a long shot but I sent you a message !

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