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hi, im so discouraged & in so much pain

mickey47mmickey47 Posts: 1
edited 05/04/2015 - 10:10 AM in New Member Introductions
I'm a 47 year old female with 2 herniated discs L5 & S1, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sciatica & recently what seems to be s.I. joint dysfunction. I've done it all. Pt, chiropractor, injections, you name it, nothing works. Dr refuses to give anything stronger than norco #10 & gabapentin 800mg. I can't sit for more than 30 mins, in severe pain driving a car & can't stand for more than 10 mins or I'm in pain that brings me to tears. I'm in constant pain in my butt, my thigh & the back of my calf. Please help!
Lisa janousek


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    ask dr about a discogram
    This can't be happening
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  • Hi there! I've had a lot of similar problems as you did until I had my surgery. I can't offer advice, since I'm not a professional. :/ I do want to welcome you to the boards, though! I'm new as well.
    Micro disctectomy and Laminectomy April 30, 2015
    (Lumbar L-4, L-5)
  • ivymiivym Posts: 278
    edited 05/05/2015 - 10:11 AM
    You will find lots of support here. I don't know what your situation is but for me I had new numbness in my hands so by research found these boards. Next I made appt with general Dr and asked for order for MRI. Tried to make appt with Neurosurgeon but secretary said no appt w/o MRI CD so I had the MRI, asked for CD and dropped it by NS office. I called in 2 days and was allowed to make appt. My sure is on June 6 and I will let everyone know how that works out. I am a little anxious but n o where in the ball park of where I would be without the help I have found here.

    Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way.
  • I am new here as well and this is my first post, before introducing myself. I feel your frustration and pain as I seem to be almost in the exact same boat (at least in my lower back) as you with many of the same symptoms. I hope you will find some needed help here as do I.

    Prayers for you...
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  • Hi all,i am pretty new here too. really feel you all :( as i am having this lower back, butt, leg, pain numbness too. the numbness and pain in the butt is getting more intense these days. lets fight it together and hope that we can find some answer for this.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,268
    ....and welcome.
    Terribly sorry for daily pain bringing you to tears.

    When you speak about doctor not medicating the pain effectively, what kind of doctor are you referring to?

    Are you regularly seeing spinal specialist? And or pain management doctor?

    It took about two or three years before my primary sent me to pain management/neurologist.
    Primary stated she didn't want to "over medicate" me in case it would mask pain of something else.
    Of course, PM best thing for prescribing and monitoring me.

    Did you talk to doctor about all of the crying? I required antidepressants prior to my chronic pain...having it tweaked or changed at times and that continues to present for me. I also, did years of counseling.

    Not all people need meds and or talk therapy forever, but only through difficult transition in life. And learning to deal with chronic pain is definite transition in a person's life and or lifestyle. Just a thought.

    I also see a GI specialist for horrible low motility gut.

    So, for me, between my four doctors...I am relatively stable. Still have pain but meds take edge off. Last two, almost three years, my thinking is better than ever in my life....the crying and feeling depressed has lifted. (I do continue with antidepressants)
    Now if I can get this gut under control......

    As Liz stated above, it would be helpful to know more specifics to your situation. As more of us read and more relate..more will be able to share their experiences and hopefully benefit each other. :)

    Don't give up the search for answers from doctors on how to best take care of yourself!
    Hang in there
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • there seems to be very many different "terms" used to describe the surgery on has endured. I was told I was having a microdisectomy , however as I got further in after surgery, due to pain 2 weeks after left side minimal but increased on right, I learned I had a laminectomy as well as the microdisectomy, which I researched on my own because I had the rarest of disk herniation which is an extrusion. Jelly ballons up pushes out and breaks off and lodges into the nerve. I did not have any instrumentation just the disk fragment removed from the nerve. I too felt great first 2 weeks followed drs instruction to T even had a family member come stay with me...What brought me to Dr. was all left sided leg pain from an injury, shoveling snow and fell, never had any back pain. But MRI confirmed the disk extrusion. I too started having pain about 2 weeks after surgery. Left sided and now right sided my surgeon did a post surgical MRI. Came back with scar tissue but doesnt look to be right sided and report said possible re herniation but from disk dr didn't feel he saw anything to suggest re herniation.
    I unfortunately am 12 months post op from my surgery call it what you will no instrumentation and two failed post surgical epidurals one severe, a "wet tap" no patch just bed rest recovered in 5 days...I had toradol, I had steroid packs ..I've had land PT water PT, traction, have had 9 mris , one radioactive bone scan, which had an uptake at T 7???whats that???? I had full arthritic lyme, blood work, xrays, a nerve test which I question because I had been on valium at the time of the test then I read later in an article you should not take a sedative drug with this test????and aside fromLast MRI read granulation l4 l5, scar tissue and some neuroforaminal encroachment?

    But all still left sided nothing to explain---- severe right sided pain----- back is a dull ache,now because its had surgery I'm sure I have soft tissue swelling below incision site but I've described its like sitting on a rock on the right buttock for hours and my tail bone is so predominant now my pain doesn't go down the back of leg like most sciatic sufferers... mine goes around hip increase of where your hip sits and travels over top of leg into inner thigh feels like a vice on the nerve sometimes into the lower extremity. Sometimes numbess and leg weak ness hardest to get up in the am.. Ive been diagnosed since surgery with SI joint, femoral nerve dysfunction, periformis, I don't think many doctors diagnose this, but every time they try something to help these conditions they just cause more pain...including PT...So now neuro surgeon is suggesting what ever you call disk removal and instrumentation and fusion and clean up scar tissue, I am going to bring to his attention on Monday when we discuss that I did read on another thread that someone had particles from their laminectomy that did not show up on the MRI which is what I feel may be happening in my case maybe something so untraceable by test that they can only see once going in ?? is rubbing against this scar tissue, has itself wedged into a nerve and because my activity brings on pain maybe its freaking out my peripheral nerve system???

    Has anyone had something going on but drs really could "see" until they were in?

    Unexplained pain on opposite side since surgery? Brought on by activity or sitting but NOT DOWN BACK OF LEG over the top to inner thigh????

    My next step which freaks me out is surgery, and I just want my quality of life I can deal with a few flare ups but this is 12 months of constant...and answers or similarities please post...desperate....THANK YOU
    This can't be happening
  • I had a micro in july 2014. Clear MRI showed the rare "extrusion" herniated disk for left sided leg pain, Never really had "back" pain. I opted for surgery over epidural knew too many people who these were "bandaids for" , and I needed to be back to work have a family to support...And the first few weeks I really started feeling better, then entered in PT and spiraled from there., and oddly enough it all hit the right side, had such pain sitting. But it was rare unlike sciatica, femoral disorder, then periformis, then SI joint, so then we just diagnosed me with pelvic pain. My profile pic shows how my back was swelled every day no answer why my pain was not typical sciatica, mine came around my hip along the crease of your hip when you sit and into the inner thigh, sometimes down to my foot numbness and tingling... I had blood tests,to rule out all systemic, I never wanted an epidural so I had surgery and then forced (not by dr) to have a spinal epidural, because I needed relief, toradol didn't work steroid packs didnt work, and sure enough I did it and for me that was a "wet tap" and bed ridden 5 days, then I continued to reach out to anyone and everyone in the medical field, I hit the computer hard like I was a med student and researched not only to try to find a diagnosis but to research and learn about what I could be living with. Prior to this surgery I was healthy 46 yr old physical adult 127 pd 5"4.

    11 months of pain , it felt like I had been sitting on a rock right in the center of my buttock and I could never get it to go away unless I laid down and did NOTHING!!!! and tests, drs scratching their heads, I saw a neuro surgeon who did not know I went into the city and saw a neuro who said maybe its nerve related but didn't want to take me as a patient, I saw a neurologist, had a nerve test came back negative, a rheumatologist , a gynocologist, I had 9 MRI's, showed some scar tissue but left sided remember I'm dealing with right sided pain now...a full body scan an anesthesiologist/PM dr, to make sure I wasn't just "drug seeking" that was humiliating, but I understand they kept doing tests and I kept getting and out of PT hydro and land....activity continued to make my pain worse, I had a good dr that stuck with me trusted I knew my body and it was never about the pain meds it was about whats wrong with my body since I had surgery... the 2 failed epidurals, ended up with another on the right side because my pain also didn't come back on the same side it came back all right sided..and along with all of this I lost my job of 10 years, so not only my life changed my whole families life changed. Something was seriously wrong and I wasn't giving up.

    I sit here now post op 2 weeks monday for a bone fusion on the same disk L4-L5. All my spiney friends WE ARE ALL HERE FOR DIFFERENT REASONS, I AM NO DR. THIS IS MY STORY wether it be a surgery you had a fall you had an epidural ..follow your gut know your body....I sat up one night at the end of my wits researched and found a test the dr had never mentioned....I dont know why and I don't care I found it read about it, the test freaked me a bit more then surgery but it gave me chances of a diagnosis and maybe less fusion then I would need. A discogram....I emailed the dr office and scheduled an appt to see if he'd be willing to do the test.
    We did the test, and sure enough, posterior annular tear, fluid leaking out onto the nerve causing pain and damage...which was not detected on a MRI, body scan with contrast, xrays week later surgery scheduled....

    Ask your dr for an MRI, discuss the discogram, its your body your pain you have to live with for your life your own advocate kkuylen . I had post op pain and had an MRI right away I don't know your exact surgery but we are so prone to re injury and fusions not taking and re herniating...I'm not a dr just passing along what I've learned . Good luck . Call your Dr. :)
    I am hoping over time things will resolve themselves, I have to be very careful very limited I wear a shell I have a cane, I'm just walking minimal and the most I'm in the car is 10 mins. I still have leg pain, but Ive got a lot of swelling and you put it into perspective 11 months of pain thats 11 months to repair not to mention the 6 months of the original injury., and original surgery...( I fell shoveling snow in feb 2014) had surgery July 2014, and now my bone fusion may 11 2015
    This can't be happening
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