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need direction to figure out cause of pain

Wit's endWWit's end Posts: 1
This is going to be a long post. My first time here and I need some insight so I'm going to try to be as thorough in telling what I've dealt with and dealing with. I have been dealing with pain for over 10 years now. I need help because it seems that the doctors are only looking at some of my symptoms. If you think they are doing right then tell me to keep following their guidance. Things started out as right knee pain but after several medications and no relief was finally sent for x-rays and was told Nothing wrong with knee. I just pushed thru Taking advil or aleve. I then started having lower back pain more on right side than left. Xray of back, nothing wrong. This went on for 3 yrs. I finally got to where I couldn't stand for longer than 30 minutes without my lower back really hurting and I felt like if I looked at my body's profile in the mirror I would look like Donald Ducks profile with my back being swayed. Again, x-rays showed nothing wrong. About 3 months later I started having pain in my right groin area and could not lift my leg forward and/or left and right (like when you get in and out of a car) I could lift it backwards without any pain. MRI done on back showed 2 bulging discs at L3 and L5 but not pressing on any nerves. Sent me for physical therapy. Back started feeling Better but not leg. CT scan of leg showed bone on bone hip joint. Need hip replacement BUT need to lose 70 lbs first but no walking exercises. Suggested swimming. Did the swimming thing for a month but just walking in the pool because actually kicking legs to swim caused pain. The last week of swimming I noticed that when I got out of the pool and sat to dry off before walking back thru the gym to the dressing room my toes were turing purple. Dr just said poor circulation. A week later (which was 6 weeks ago) I developed pain radiating down the front of both thighs, with periodic episodes of feeling like I have shin splints. Leg weakness that I am now using a walker and I cannot lift my legs to walk up steps without pain, put full weight on legs without pain, I have to get into bed by putting my right leg stretched out backwards then place right knee on bed. Then lay down on right side grab under my left leg with my lefthand and lift my leg up onto the bed so I can put my feet flat and push my buTT up and over to lay on my back To go to sleep. When I get in the truck I have to grab my pants leg and lift my leg into the truck then sit half my butt on the seat push myself up using the arm rest on the door then grab my left Pants leg and lift my left leg up into the truck then use my arms to push up and help position myself into a driving position. I have now begun to have some incontinence and if I don't go to the bathroom as soon as I have the slightest urge to go then there have been times where I start peeing before I can get my pants past my knees and once I start going I cannot stop the flow no matter how hard I try. I have pain medication prescribed to me but I can only take it at bedtime cause it makes me sleepy so I can't take it at worK aND I dont think it is doing too much for the pain at home it just allows me a few hours sleep. The advil tylenol, or aleve doesn't help So I suffer during the day. I saw a neurologist recently who did nerve testing and I will receive those results Tuesday and I see a hip Dr for a consult on the hip replacement in June. Wednesday and Thursday night I was in so much pain in my legs I considered ER but didn't think they could do anymore than what's already been done. I contacted my primary care and she has now ordered physical therapy and pain management. Any ideas what I might be dealing with? Are Dr's following correct protocol or do I need to do something else? Sometimes I think just go to the ER maybe they will admit me and find out what's wrong. I am no longer participating in anything. I'm doing good to get to work everyday and home. My husband has had to assume all the household duties. Thank goodness our children are grown but I am still missing out on life and 50 is too young to rot away Looking out a window watching the world go by.


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,268
    edited 05/25/2015 - 12:10 AM
    My primary care doctor tried to work with my chronic pain for two years before referring me to pain management, who happens to be neurologist also.

    That best thing to happen to me. He immediately had plan for pain relief and began testing and discovered areas of my spine effected so he had specific treatments for me.

    I agreed that PM doc would be only one to prescribe pain meds. But he told me if other issues I have need ER treatment, or if my pain levels are 10, my breakthrough meds ineffective.....and he is unavailable..I am to go to ER. Pain level 10 going on may mean something worsening or something new going on he explained to me. (Some PM agreements may be different)

    My PM said to make sure ER knew all meds I was on and to let them treat me. He instructed me to, when I was stable, to notify him, PM doc, as to of all that transpired.

    Is your doctor aware of incontinence? All symptoms should be reported to doctor. It may be clue for doc in finding treatment and or relief for you.

    I for one would be interested in how your nerve testing turned out.

    You may find the ....on this site, right upper on page, helpful.
    Type in concerns and you may be led to past posts, articles, videos they may benefit you.
    They are expressed in every person kind of language, so easily understood.

    Hang in there!
    Honorary Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

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