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Back Pain and Numbness of Fingers

swimm3r1234sswimm3r1234 Posts: 1
edited 05/23/2015 - 8:24 PM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
Hi everyone,

I am seeking advice on the symptoms that I have been experiencing for the past year or so, which have been increasingly bothersome.
Before I get started, a little bit about me: I am a 24 year old female, college graduate student.

Firstly, I am constantly feeling a deep achy pain in my neck and upper back that radiates to the shoulder blades. When the pain gets worse, it causes my right and left fingers (started off as just the pinky finger, but now the ring finger as well) to feel tingly and numb. I did get an MRI of the cervical spine which showed moderate left neural foramina narrowing along the inferior margin of discs C3-T1. Could this be causing my symptoms? If so, what are treatment options?

Second, I also experience pain occasionally in the mid-back region which sometime causes a sharp pain when I inhale to take a breath. I have not yet gotten an MRI of my thoracic spine. My PCP just referred me to a spine specialist who I have yet to see, so maybe I should consult with the spine specialist regarding this matter.

Lastly, 1 year ago I had a low back injury related to exercising and was told that I had sciatica. This pain went away after a month or 2. However, 1 month ago I had to get a lumbar puncture(LP) to test for bacterial meningitis. To my understanding, any pain from an LP generally only lasts for a few days. It has been a month and I still experience a dull pain, sometimes a sharp shooting pain that may or may not radiate down my leg if I get up from a sitting/laying down position too fast or if I sit or walk for too long. Is this more related to the LP or could it be reoccurring symptoms of sciatica?

PS. I saw my PCP this past Tuesday and he prescribed me Gabapentin 100mg take twice daily. He said he wanted me to take it to see if it will help with my symptoms, but I am hesitant to start taking it.


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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,212
    Did you tell your PCP that you are hesitant with prescribed med? ...and if you are not taking the med?
    Why are you hesitant about taking gabapentin?

    Seeing spine specialist sounds like great idea!
    Telling him of you past incidents and also of all symptoms...well, my experience, specialist immediately worked on my pain relief and ordered testing that PCP never did. Specialist tests very helpful in finding source or cause of my pain...leading to more specific treatments for me.

    Please include the med that your PCP prescribed but you hesitate to take. Let doctor tell you about need for med or for need to possibly change med orders.

    Personally, I have had great results with specialist. He makes it very clear as to what is going on with my spine.

    I wish you best with you specialist, also.
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