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Back again with more problems

So it's been a little while. Things were good. Then bad. Then worst. Was able to start part time work with the warmer spring days. But with work came more pain. Eventually had to see a surgeon. Have seen him twice. First visit I had to convince him I was in ACTUAL pain and brought my massive stack of medical records. No problem. I'm obviously not there because I just want the pills. ( I don't want any pills if possible. Trying to FIX my back pain, not cover it up ) . So that part was easy. But right away he suggests injections. But wants an MRI to be sure of what he believes to be facet joint problems. Sounds good to me. I get the MRI.......... This is where things get frustrating and I already lost my trust in a doctor I've only seen once.

I see him again for my return visit to review the MRI results. He doesn't look at the scans... At all. He reads the report that the radiologist has prepared from the hospital and tells me he wants to do the injections even though there is no mention of facet joint problems. HOWEVER, the report did say this....

- moderate sized central disc protrusion of l5-s1
- postoperative changes to fusion of s1-s2 with osteophyte formation, canal narrowing, mild anterolisthesis and disc bulging
- postoperative changes to laminectomy

These were comparisons made from last years MRI.
So even though nowhere in the report mentions facet joint problems, he still wants to give me injections. And without actually looking at the MRI scans himself to boot. I'm getting impression that he wants me to have injections, if that doesn't work THEN he will look into my case. Even though there is no current evidence showing that is the problem.

I guess what I heading towards here is has anyone heard of such a shoot first, aim later practice? This is supposed to be one of the top pain management surgeons around and he's giving me this half-azzed doctoring and it's very depressing. He was my last resort. I have no one else I'm able to see that my insurance will cover.


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228
    I can only imagine your frustration.
    My experience with pain management has been that they look at the tests on the CDs themselves.
    My current long time PM doc loves pointing out to me all the things that were wrong or missed on written impressions.

    Since you are not able to get another opinion, I would ask doctor about the meaning of MRI more specifically and how your issue will be improved with his suggested injection.
    Curious, in meantime do you need to limit some activities with work?
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  • jerseypipedreamsjjerseypipedreams Posts: 89
    edited 06/01/2015 - 1:48 PM
    I have canceled my injections but kept my follow up appointment so I can talk to him about this decision.
    I limit a lot of activities at work. And I'm only able to do about an hours worth of work before I need a 15 minute break. And am only at work 3 hours a day 2 days a week because of the time needed to recover from basic work such as mopping. They want to have me do a lot more in the labs formulating wise ( I work for a pharmaceutical R&D company ) but requires standing for long periods of time. I'm really lucky to have a very understanding boss and he keeps me on the payroll even though I'm hardly there to do work.
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228 have an understanding boss! And you have good idea about discussing with doc for full understanding before procedure.

    You talked about having to recover from basic work. I feel like that, need to recover from showering, dressing, making coffee and cereal,...
    Everything can be a drain.

    You probably know already since you've been here couple years, but that, Spoon Theory, really sums it up.
    It something people don't usually understand unless you live it.
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  • The spoon theory is a new one but I just researched it and it's really good way to describe living with everyday pain. I used to have very little amount of spoons. But pushing myself everyday has allowed me I guess in a sense make these spoons bigger. With these new pains though, I fear these spoons Are shrinking.
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