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hip/back pain

SO FRUSTRATED!!!! I feel that I am being so jerked around!!!!! Is there a way to determine the source of the pain, whether it is my hip or back???? One doctor(a hip doctor) thought it was my hip so he did a cortisone injection: it didn't help at all. Then, he ordered an MRI and diagnosed me with spinal stenosis and said that I also had 2 bulging disks. The next thing from this same doctor was a spinal injection with cortisone; it did not help. He wanted to do 2 other ones and I said NO and that I wanted to go see a spine specialist. Next thing was me to see a spine specialist; This spine specialist gave me another hip injection, but this time on the outside of the hip. It made the pain worse. A nerve block was then ordered by the same doctor for my back on both sides of L5; didn't work-----no reprieve from the pain. I called him and now he tells me I need to see a hip specialist. I have already seen a hip specialist and he said it was my back!!!!! I hope this makes sense. Do any of these doctors know what they are doing? I am in so much pain and don't know what to do next! I am so afraid that I am going to go off on one of these doctors because of my immense frustration and pain! Any suggestions????"


  • sandi123ssandi123 Posts: 754
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    can be caused by low back pain and low back pain can be related to a hip problem. The injection in the outside of your hip was probably an injection into the bursa to reduce inflammation.
    There are several types of injections done for low back pain, all having different purposes, some diagnostic and some have dual purposes, to confirm that a suspected area is in fact where the pain is coming from and to ease some of the inflammation and pain .
    Was the MRI done of your hips or your low back?
    It takes time to rule in or out what might be causing the pain, so you probably need to work with both doctors to figure out which area is causing the pain and try the different injections recommended to see if any of them help reduce the pain and give clues to what area is causing the problem.

  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,228
    My primary doc tried to treat my chronic pain for two years before she referred me to pain management.
    That was best thing for me!

    My PM/ neurologist has been best specialist for my spine.
    He did several test. He personally reviewed CDs of previous tests and saw things that were not written into the " impressions" by radiologist and I never heard from my primary.

    The EMG is the one I remember to be most revealing, to doctor and myself.

    Doctor found areas of my spine affected that I have not even given voice to.
    That allowed doctor to more specifically treat and medicate me due to finding source or pain.

    I had about 12 epidurals total an only two have ever been successful. Those were for my leg, ankle and foot pain.
    Epidurals for thoracic area made me feel sick right there on table during procedure.

    Are you getting any medication for pain control as you and docs are further investigating source and cause of your symptoms?

    Since doc seems to be referring you back to hip doc, who you have already seen, I would ask if it was at all possible for him to call hip doc and discuss your case instead of being referred back and forth.

    I would probably say it in a way as to not aggravate the docs. You don't want them to feel they can't work with you.
    You may want another opinion altogether. I don't know

    It was good you came here to vent and scream, so to speak, about your frustration. We're here to support you and I think many of us can identify with your experiences.

    Please let your current doc know about your continued or worsening symptoms.
    And please keep us posted on how you are doing. And hang in there!

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,099
    to isolate the problem being in your hips or lower back.

    I went through this situation several years ago. I was seeing both a Hip specialist and a Spinal specialist.
    They decided on using cortisone injections as a means of diagnosing the problem.

    If the ESI in my back did not provide me any relief, then the feeling it was that it was not my back.

    Through MRIs though, additional stenosis in my upper and lower back had increased, but was not the root of the problem.

    When I had the hip injection(s) one in front down, and other to the side, I had relief in my hip pain.

    That pretty much isolated the problem as being in my hip. The X-Rays confirmed the advanced degree of arthritis in my hip joint.
    I then had my second total hip replacement done.

    So, it can get frustrating at times, not only for the patient but with the doctors until they find the root of the problem.
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