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SI Pain in Hip vs Sciatica Pain

mssusanmmssusan Posts: 7
I've recently re-injured my low back(?) and believe I'm having sciatica pain but also have pain in hip. I'm wondering how you tell the difference between SI and sciatica and if the treatments would be similar anyway. Maybe I have both syndromes?

Chiro trmts usually help my sciatica but haven't so far after 5 trmts. Icing, warm water exercise/floating!, tramadol, valium and various ointments have not helped pain. I took extra meds last night and still had trouble sleeping. I've had to give up my gentle daily walks because of the pain in my SHIN (nerve not shin splints??), foot and hip.

X-ray of lumbar spine to be done tomorrow.


  • Hi there

    I had severe sciatica due to herniated L4-L5 The pain would start after being on my feet for a couple of minutes and only relief i could get was from sitting or squatting to take pressure off the nerve. Mine reabsorb after about 4 months but unfortunately I reherniated it and had to have surgery.

    I am 7 months post surgery and was feeling good the first 4 months but developed groin pain when I go from a sitting to standing position, slight pain in the buttocks, and the worse thing is when laying down on my sides have a burning sensation in my inner thighs and groin. I just had an MRI and there has been no reherniation only some scar tissue growth. I am looking into the Si joint because my symtoms seem to match up witn Si joint dysfunction
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