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No significant nerve impingement- why leg pain?

So I had an MRI and I have bulging disc in the L4-S1 L4-L5 area. But they said there was no significant nerve impingement. So why am I getting major leg pain in mostly my right leg (but a bit in my left too)? It feels like burning thru my thigh and my calf. And my calf muscle gets really tight. I also get major twitches (mostly in my legs but not limited to there - but mostly right leg) and some bUzzing feeling in my feet (both feet) as well as a weird buzzing type sensation in my middle toes on both feet. I had read somewhere that it could be inflammation from the disc to the nerves but im just wondering if anyone had this same issue and if so, for how long? I have been doing spinal traction for over a month (twice a week) now. I'm not sure if it's helping or not. I'm gonna try working out (treadmill or bike) and doing yoga to help I guess and hope for the best. I'm feeling pretty desperate though.
Severe neck pain,piercing leg pain-both legs,muscle twitches-both legs,bum ache,hips and knees feel bruised,burning pain in right arm & piercing pain from shoulder to fingers,numb patches in middle of back,mild lower back pain


  • A bulging disc, by itself would not cause material from the inner disc to leak on the nerves.
    It may be positional ,meaning that in certain positions the symptoms appear and in others it relieves or reduces the symptoms.
    Standing, sitting, walking and even laying down result in the disc compression to shift, depending on the activity. Pay attention to when the symptoms increase and decrease and what you are doing when the symptoms change.

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