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Lumbar fusion surgery today..looking for someone to talk to



  • Or perhaps you have been doing so for the last fourteen years...
    God answers a prayer for patience by giving us the opportunity and need to practice.....wait for it....PATIENCE, go figure :(

    I do feel for you Angel. No one can really answer your age old and individually unique question and answer quest. It took 14 years to get this bad and it won't be better overnight. The wonderful news is; it will improve some and it will improve in less than 14 years. The extent and time frame is of course the $64,000 question.

    Please do a couple/few things for you and your relationship. 1) start a journal with a "questions for Dr page", 2) ask Mr Angel to accompany you into the next appt with his own list of questions too, 3) re-read your paragraph above, specifically paying attention to "...when I overdo it.." This is also my problem and I venture to guess many of us here as well. It is commonplace for us to push through incredible pain leading up to our decision to finally have surgery. So much so, that we do it without a s cond thought afterward. That catches up to us and torpedoes our chance at healing properly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as they say.
    Please give yourself a break and take the time and heed the BLT instructions. Treat them like a chocolate chip cookie recipe. If we add or delete ingredients they taste like cow patties, if we rush them through the process or ignore them, they either look good on the outside but are mush inside or they're like rocks looking and tasting like it too.
    Proper ingredients and timing gives us the cookies we remember and yearn to taste. That brings up the other issue, ask Doc with the Mr Angel present when a gentle romp is OK. At two weeks my surgeon said its ok "as its comfortable" but he suggested holding off the chandelier swinging stuff just yet 8-)~.
    Like I said earlier, perhaps the you guys can enjoy alternative recipes rather than the main course for a little while longer! In the overall scheme of things it's a small compromise.

    Above all, hang in there and remember your worst day and your present feelings. Small improvements are huge. Latch on.
    Helping others takes my mind off my own pain. My cats also help. The unconditional love they give me and the acceptance of me no matter what really give me hope that I can be the same for others.
    I have a Siamese, a Sphynx, and an American short hair dark tabby that all live inside the house. More love than any one man deserves.
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