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week 27



  • well done those who lost weight and hang in those who did nt,jenny don t beat yourself up i have 2 say i blame the lyrica i cut down whilst on holidays and boy im i paying for it now my leg is giving me so much pain,i took 200 lyrica yesterday and it had little effect,it really does increase my appetite so im praying that il b ok this week,im going to the doctors this week to see if theres anything else they can give me,mazy get on those scales you wull feel great if u have lost and if u haven t we will give u the support u need be brave u can do it

    has anyone heard from vic im abit worried about her
  • pmazz10, well done! keep on going! the toes aren't all you'll get to see by dropping some pounds. and think of how happy your back will be! we are here to support you 110%. Tenkids, cutting your calories will do the trick when exercise becomes too difficult. i do 700 some days and stay on 1200 usually.not so easy but neither is gaining weight. i am looking for a size 6 but will be happy at a 9! good luck this week! Jenny :)
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  • Week 27
    Sex: Female
    Age: 56
    Height: 5'10"
    Start weight: 180
    GOAL weight: 145
    Plan type: 1400 or less calorie - daily food intake. Walking, bike riding, dancing and exercising as allowed. Staying as physically active as I can.
    Motivation tools: Posting at this site and just wanting to be healthier and in better physical shape.
    Date started the change: 12/31/07
    Weight in last week 07/06/08: 167
    Weight in today 07/13/08: 167
    This week's lost: 0
    This week’s gain: 0
    Total pounds lost: 13
    Pounds left to lose: 22
    Sorry folks I was out of town over the weekend and unable to sit down to my computer. NO Change for me this week.
    You folks are truly good inspiration. Thanks for all your hard work to make changes in your lives and for sharing information with us all.
  • im so glad 2 c ur back,i was woorried about u,good job on staying the same weight
  • :) vic, happy to see you have checked in even though you stayed the same. for many of us that is hard enough work when we are up to par!! hope you are feeling better! Jenny :)
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  • Not a good week for me. I have gained 2 pounds...I need help. I have hit the "pitty party" for me stage. I get so down sometimes. Get tired of hurting all the time!!!!

    All I do is eat and sleep. Gotta get out of this rutt!! Hope everyone else can pull off some pounds. Good luck ya"ll!
  • Cambren, admitting what the problem is is a big step. you know you will fill better if you start adding some walking in there. just a little at a time would be a good first step. i know having pain is so bad but we have to keep moving alittle or our bodies will freeze right up. lol! is is a new week so just put the 2 poounds behind you and start fresh. sunday is a ways away and there is still plenty of time to shed a pound or even stay the same. we are behind you all the way. Jenny :)
  • Jenny is right. I have pity partys all of the time. Eating lots of decadent treats goes right along with my depression also. We just have to try and get right back on the horse even if it is small steps.
    Vic, I am glad to see you back and I hope that you are feeling better. Good job staying the same!
  • i have upped my walking this week,i had slackened off after my hols,so i ve been out walking the last couple of days and plan to do the same this week,since i ve upped the lyrica figured id have to try extra hard to stop anymore weight going on,i feel alittle guilty,my 12 year old daughter was out playing on sunday night she came in said she d hurt her finger,she was nt crying and it looked ok,but though id take her 2 the minor injury unit yesterday to be sure and guess what, its broken,how bad do i feel,so were off to the hospital tomorrow praying that its not going 2 need pinned
  • Keep up the good work! I have been walking everyday, but I'm taking the day off today! Hope your daughter's finger heals quickly!--Mazy
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