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49 degrees scoliosis@ age of 14

jeanhuynhjjeanhuynh Posts: 1
edited 08/25/2015 - 3:56 PM in Scoliosis
i am the mother of a 14 years daughter who just found out from her x-rays that she has a 49 degrees scoliosis, we have the appointment @sick kids in september. sadly that it just happens at this time she was supposed to be very excited to get in ib program at her first year in high school.
i am very worry and don't know what she might end up.
so far she has no pain, that is the good thing at the time being. i just noticed that she has an uneven hip, therefore we had the x-ray done and confirmed the case.
now as a mother i wonder if she needs to go through a surgery, how she might be affected from being away school for 6 weeks? can anyone let us know if there is home tutor provided for this case in brampton, ontario?
is surgery the only treatment for this 49 degrees? as i searched online from other sites said normally brace is only good for 20-30 degrees. guess my daughter's case might need a surgery. what are the risks involves?
at this moment she already completed all level of swim and first aids level. she is waiting to teach swim when her age allows. wonders if this would affect her ability to swim after surgery if she is going to.

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  • heiden01hheiden01 Posts: 1
    edited 08/26/2015 - 9:01 PM
    hi, i'm new to this forum. my daughter also has a 49* curve in her spine. she is 13 and we have all the same thoughts and concerns you have. i've been researching like a maniac for the past two weeks only to come to dead ends. i met with an orthopaedic surgeon and didn't care for him. we met with a chiropractor with clear. not too sure about him either. he was very nice but no one was in his office. if it works why aren't more people there. i spoke, at great length, with a dr with spinecor. he was very kind as well. talked a lot. i have to wonder why he had so much free time to make 3 lengthy phone calls, email, and text me info all in the same day. he kept saying he had a patient waiting on him and would call me back in 10 minutes. true to his word, he did call back each time. but why did i get 20+ minute phone calls (one call lasted 39 minutes) and his patients in the office only get 10 minute visits. doesn't add up.

    i'm just saddened for my baby. she's so healthy and limber. she's never had any pain. i can't imagine her losing her mobility like this. fortunately, i have a friend that has had spinal fusion. she had it when she was 14 and now almost 20. so far no problems or pain. i'm waiting to be able to sit down with them and discuss all my concerns with them. the mom and daughter both are happy with their decision. i'm just worried about long term. the more i read, i get the feeling that the better the dr the better the long term results are. maybe not in every case but that's just how it appears. (would make sense)

    i'm not stopping until i find the right dr for my baby. i feel so helpless at times. the lack of options are ridiculous. as a parent, who can you trust? there are so many scams promising desperate parents like me the world. how do you weed through the lies?

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  • blinniebblinnie Australia Posts: 2
    Hi there guys i am new to tbis fourm i was dionoised for having scolosis when i was 12 now 45 i my back was 45 degrees and i gad the surgery when i turned 14 in melbourne victoria i was told that if i didnt have the surgery i would be in a wheel chair i had to stay in a back brace for 18 months i get back pain now but i can handle it i go swimming and do normal things i gave had 3 pregancy one with twin what i am saying is that i dont regret having the surgery it saved my life hope this helps
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