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Post Revision Spinal Fusion Surgery Hunch

concernedsoncconcernedson Posts: 1
edited 09/13/2015 - 9:26 AM in Recovering from Surgery
hello i am new to the site but when i did research on spinal fusion surgeries. this was the best place that had answers.

my mother has finished a revision spinal fusion surgery about 4 weeks ago. she has been discharged for 3 weeks. the surgery fused her hip till t10. right now she is 58 year old and has allergies to most pain medications. the only thing she takes is tylenol for the pain. my sister and i have noticed that her back is a bit bent when she walks and she seems to be developing a hunch. when my mother and sister went to the doctor’s nurse to take out the staples from her back, they told her about what has been happening. the nurse said that she just needs to walk with better poster. i still feel a bit concerned. i was hoping that maybe someone has faced this problem and have some insight about this topic. since the surgery is still in the healing faze there might be some solution before it’s too late if what the nurse said was not true. i don’t think my mother can handle let alone accept doing a third surgery.

thank you

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  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 645
    Hopefully nothing lasting. I know i, and have seen others, tend to walk more haunched over when in pain. Your mom's pain could just be causing it, especially since she's so limited to her pain treatment relief.

    After lumbar fusion last March, having to where a brace all the time, I wasn't feeling like I could walk normal either. I think I also was afraid to move, for fear of damaging the fusion. After awhile, that can have you walking differently by habit. I may have kept myself in a protective mode longer than necessary. My mom used to bring it to my attention after awhile, would say I was starting to waddle again. It's rather difficult for me too look back and judge what was the true cause of the way things were, and how I reacted. Overall heath wise, not just from surgery, I just felt sick, and that may contributed to my slow healing. I don't smoke, or breath in others smoke, just other things going on with body, not fully addressed yet, either by just a wait and see things with time, or by myself learning to adjust and/or make necessary changes to improve my own circumstances.

    Since its been almost six months post op, still not back to physically demanding job, I'm trying to get myself to do things, within reason of course. My body still feels restricted in some movements, like I don't feel like I walk normally yet, I keep telling myself to walk like I never had surgery, since I do feel better overall, meaning I have more strength now, and slowly, very slowly, I'm feeling less restricted in movement. I would never push myself to point of pain to get to be where I wished I was, I don't think that is necessary, or even safe for fusion recovery, but I think being active helps in recovery also...Dr permitted of course. After three months post op, my surgeon said I could start dancing a little again, but I know that doesn't include twisting to the Beach Boys.

    Not knowing the limitations of another persons recovery, especially with other possible health issues that may be affecting them, it's hard to give sound advice safely, for myself anyways, though someone else may give better insight, and/or ways of direction to help in any way they can.
  • My mom walks very hunched over and has for years. She is now 72 and a few years ago had a broken back due to osteoporosis. Have your mother's bone density tested.

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