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Drug test keeps showing + for MDMA/EXSTACY please

Hydrocodone5325HHydrocodone5325 Posts: 6
edited 09/19/2015 - 7:51 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to get some input on this. Two wKS ago when I went to get my vicOdin script my pcp drug tested me at the doctors office via a urine sample. It came back + for MDMA/EXSTACY. He gave me the script and said he believed me that I didn't take it. He said he was going to send it to a lab that is a little more a curate than the one in the office. The second test came back negative.

I had an app with him the other day and once again it came back + for MDMA/EXSTACY. He gave me the script and said he'd send it out to the lab. Once again it came back neg.

I didn't touch MDMA never have never will. I didn't take any OTC meds except for Ibuprofen and Aleve. I was 100 % sure that it would come back neg.

So, like I said, the second test showed negative. I got a call from the Dr's office telling me the initial test was neg but that they are going to do a fancy drug test that takes 2 business days. Is he talking about the gas chromatography mass spectrometry test? Or is there one even above that?

Do you think that since the initial second test came back neg that the third one will show neg too?

This is freaking me out once again.

Another thing a little off topic hope you don't mind: I am prescribed the vicodin by the pcp and klonipin by psyciatrist and I noticed on three test ago the results showed up negative for benzodiazapams. I take it faithfully every morning and night. Should I alert both doctors that when I was checking my results that I noticed this and for some reason klonipin showed up - ? Just in case it happens again?

Thursday I did a urine to for the PCP and my pysciatry allowed me to take a urine at thier lab too to see what's going on.

Clearly their is something happening wrong here. Can anyone help me? Feeling very nervous about this.

Ps the clonazapam is a standard dose 2x a day and the vicodin is 3x prn 5/325.

Thank you for any advice provided!

Ps2 sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm using my cell phone to post this.
Bipolar d/o, ocd, ptsd, bpd, 2 herniated disk, diabetes on insulin, Htn, high lipids, neuropothy.
Meds: klonipin, norco/vicodin, lyrica, psych meds, etc. Late 30s male.


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