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C6 c7 cervical disc replacement

edited 10/05/2015 - 9:12 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hello I am David (48 years old living in the UK, I would welcome any advice or comments on how others have recovered from artificial disc replacement C6/C7( at present I am post operative now 10 days)

Post op day one, two and three, where good and all pain seemed to have gone, from day 5 onwards pain has returned in my shoulder this feeling like trapped nerve again , but not as bad as before ( circa 20% better).
In the last three days the back of my neck and in between my shoulder blades feel like I have seized up and are very sore when every I move my head.
Waking in the morning and getting moving is pretty sore and am having to take pain relief

If anyone has any comments on how they felt during the first three weeks I am sure it would help me deal with this and would be appreciated

Also, if I can answer any questions on how the operation went I am happy to help


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  • Following on from my previous post I provide more info on my condition leading up to disc replacement.

    About 15 years ago I stated to get pain in my neck and back and spent months at a sport physio and after many manipulations it eased of.

    During the 15 years I have had occasional bouts of the same especially during riding my mountain bike, then have stayed off the bike and exercise and its calmed down

    Over the last two years I have raised my health and fitness levels to very good standard and one where I have been exercising 7 times a week, this mainly made up of static cycling and especially rowing.

    In April I had had a very busy week, away from home all week, on trains and planes and lots of taxi,s and had no time to exercise, so when I got home I did a good session in gym at home ( nothing to glamorous - bike and rowing machine in the conservatory) felt a tiny twinge in my neck and back, thought nothing of it. Next day was placing my sons bike on the roof of the car and felt very sharp pain in my neck and back which just got worse then every day.

    Within a week I was screaming in pain and went to see sports physio in Loughborough , after numerous sessions no improvement and the pain in my back was horrendous. The two physios disagreed on cause - back or neck...

    Hence I then in late May went to see consultant who conducted an Mri scan and told me this looked ok, however read on....

    So with this news I was recommended to go to physio or chiropractor, which I did, after many sessions of both nothing made it better for more than a short term ( couple of days) for 4 months I took paracetamol and codeine which help with pain but spaced me out.

    I then thought I would see another consultant for second opinion, he reviewed the Mri scan and did see a potential issue with c6/7 disc.
    To try and determine if it was back or neck I had a nerve block injection into my neck directly into the nerve root area, pretty uncomfortable to say the least, however I went home and had the best nights sleep in 5 months and the next day was completely pain free, disappointingly this only lasted for 36 hours and all the pain came back getting worse again day by day, this ranging from sore back to also my shoulder then into my arm and tingling into hand, plus also radiating into my forehead.

    The consultant then went ,after two weeks for injections into my Bi lateral facet joints at the back of my neck, one each side, these far less uncomfortable , however these had little or no effect.

    From this the consultant deduced together with a further Mri that there was sufficient herniation of the disc to warrant replacement.

    The procedure was carried out on the 23 ridof September 2015, so I am now 10 days post op.

    The procedure went well I a, told and the X-ray looks impressive, the first three days where pain free, however on day 5 I have lots of pains between my shoulders and neck and feel like I am seizing up. The pain in my back is still there but not as bad, it's all the other pains that are the worst. I am just taking paracetamol at present
    The reason for joining was to see if anyone else had suffered lists of other pains in the first few days post op, and also what type of pain killers should I considered to help early relief.

    Grateful for any responses and happy to answer any questions anyone may have about disc replacement .
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  • I'm also in the uk, I'm seeing a neurosurgeon in Preston. I'm going to be having a similar operation in the near future but having a more up to date MRI to decide what to do as I have 4 herniations &'some spinal cord damage. I'm 36 so surgeon is concerned about my age.
    Are you in a neck brace?
    Did you stay in hospital overnight?
    How are you sleeping now ?
    I've heard that when surgeons are operating in your neck, alsorts of muscles are pulled etc which gives post operative muscle pain. You are very very early days. After another couple of weeks I bet you'll start to feel better.
    All the best,
    Kirsti x
  • Kirsti
    Thanks for note
    I did not have a neck brace at all , was told by surgeon that not required as this restricts movement. I actually stayed two nights in hospital, I note the first night was difficult as I was checked every two hours by nurses so constantly awoken, plus you have to wear foot pumps which inflate around your feet every 30 secs this to prevent DVT, for me this was very uncomfortable . The second night was mainly because the surgeon was unable to review the X-ray, which they took to ensure everything was still in place.
    Actually I enjoyed the comfort of a second night ( bearing in mind I was in private hospital) as I had great care around me with no interruption which allowed me to sleep very well.

    I am struggling with sleep now and trying to grab a couple of hours in the afternoon to help.

    With regards to aches and pains I think you might be right, 10 days on I have decided to do absolutely nothing other than rest and the prescribed exercises, and started to feel a little better.
    Good luck to you
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